Lenihan calls for name and shame-style inquiry

Stand up and take a bow Lenny your name should be top of the list thanks to “the guarantee”
No doubt the terms of reference will be carefully worded to exclude such a possibility.

Name,shame and** jail**…otherwise its a further utter waste waste of our limited money.

The hint is in the sub-title … 'Commission to go ahead despite reservations of Central Bank’s Honohan’.

It’s Lenny who is instigating the report, so who do you think will come out smelling of roses ?
All he has to do is limit the inquirys remit to ‘events leading up to the guarantee’ and he potentially deflects attention away from his own balls-up.

Even if he includes the guarantee, he was only a wet day in the place and realistically speaking, nobody expects a barrister, however strong in his brief, to be a financial expert. The guidance he received and the options he was presented with may not have included all that went wrong, so he may feel strong enough to cope with the few minor criticisms he will get while all around him are lambasted.

Point 2: Isn’t he looking well? (Compared to recent pics).

Point 3: FG have riven themselves in two. They have handed the election to someone who can have the confidence of the people. I reckon there’ll be a heave in FF before the next general election…

But surely that scenario is an admission of incompetence ?

Not really, or not nearly as much as everyone else was incompetent. He will, no doubt, argue that he can only choose from the policy options presented to him. In the same way that a patient consulting with a doctor is choosing options from a position of ignorance of the range of treatments that might be available. That he didn’t know other treatments were available is something it is perverse to blame him for. Or so he will argue. I don’t really buy it myself, but the guarantee is a really minor issue for the next election as FG supported it. The ‘smart’ finance brain in the Dail didn’t pick up on the fact that it covered subordinate debt and that it included existing debt. Only Labour and SF present a danger to Mr. Lenihan in that regard (as they opposed the guarantee).

How did he/anyone in the DoF not consult with any of the other European Finance Ministers before making this decision?

This was a solo run by the Irish government which pissed off the Germans and the French mightily.


What was so “special” about this initiative that the boys in Leinster House thought it important enough to make enemies of the adults?

Whatever about knowledge of finance, Brian was well aware of the political ramifications of his actions.

Post Endagame Farce, this is the first plank in Fianna Fail’s General Election campaign. Fianna Fail will root out the truth and Fianna Fail will punish the bad guys.

Any such Commission will not of course provide any detailed Report before Election Day and will probably postpone its work or delay publishing any findings it has made… because of the three weeks of the General Election campaign… nothing odd about this at all… pure politics

Yes NAME the bloody bondholders on the night of the guarantee, the ones you paid “at least 15bn too much to”

Otherwise f off

Maybe I’m cynical. I think Brian Lenihan is not the worst of them to be honest. But I suspect given that he has certain health issues, he’s probably not aiming for long term political life. He was apoplectic with rage about the banks when he gave the speech announcing how much money he was going to have to pour into AIB and BoI. And I suspect if he knew then what he knows now, Anglo would be gone.

If he’s not playing internal politics in FF, he may have a certain amount more leeway than, say, Richard Bruton had in FG.

In other words, I suspect he can call for things like this, get apoplectic about the banks and the developers because he doesn’t really need them in the medium term.

The problem with that is it’s not particularly confidence inspiring for the rest of the country as a whole…I mean, FG is peopled by a bunch of people who lack the nuas to organise a pissup in a brewery and no one knows exactly what Labour stand for, and FF, well Christ knows who we’ll get post Cowen in that scenario.

It won’t happen. There will be umpteen reasons why it can’t or won’t but Lenny will hqve garnered the kudos for promoting something which will eventually be out of his hands anyway.

There are far too many heads to roll and beans to spill - where would a commission end up?far too unpredictable and in a world where spin and news and information are being handled so carefully, there’s no conceivable way a commission could be contemplated.


I assume in quoting me that you did realise I am taking a cynical view and that no genuine attempt to expose the truth will ever be made -apologies if that is stating the obvious -I would be horrified if I had somehow conveyed the idea that I believed Lennny was having a genuine outbreak of integrity or honesty. :mrgreen:

I didn’t think you were having an outbreak of anything unusual either, LL. I know what you meant.

didnt harney stop haughey standing trial by making some comments in an interview?

lenihan is a piece of shit, if he hasnt a clue about his brief then he shouldnt be minister FFS

Lenihan/Cowen/McCreevy have been a disaster for this country will they be named in the report as the most incompetent corrupt scumbags of all time?

I propose a ‘name and hang’ inquiry.

Lord Vadar, Acting on the best possible advice we must not prejudice the outcome of the report due 30 days after [insert election date here], and, it would be unfair of me or anyone to comment as to who was to blame until [insert politically acceptable insider] report is published except to say that as I was not a decision maker with the relevant portfolio at the time, I am confident it will not reflect badly on me going forward.


Lest anyone forget, Patrick Bartholomew “Bertie” Ahern was Taoiseach from 26 June 1997 to 7 May 2008, his tactic was to buy everyone off by putting them on committees in the case of political opposition, quangos and making them social partners. He was the one who put Cowen in finance under his thumb to keep the spending going, (easy gig for Cowen he did as de Bert said and slept thought the unfolding disaster). Bertie was the one who when called on the disaster about to unfold told people to shut up to the sound of applause from the social partners.

Taoiseach expresses surprise that “cribbing and moaning” critics of Irish economy and Government policy “don’t commit suicide” → finfacts.com/irelandbusiness … 0514.shtml

More than anyone else the traitor Bertie sold the country down the river. (Don’t think I haven’t figured out the CIA payments either for the use of Shannon :imp: )

I conducted an in depth inquiry last year into all of this. Took me all of 2 seconds.

Dont give blanket guarantees on deposits.
Dont guarantee liabilities.

Up to that point, all the problems were the companies.

C’est tout.

Honest to fuck though. It’s like your homeless alcoholic gamanon dropout brother arriving at your doorstep at 4am and you writing him a cheque.

Course, you might have to do that if he threatens to tell the missus what he knows.