Lenihan ignores state jobs ban as 2,200 staff recruited

No wonder the live register has stablised


I’d like to know how many of these “exceptions” know or are related to people already working in the protected sector.

So we have a salary freeze (but not really, people still get increments) and a hiring freeze (but not really, over 2 thousand have been hired). Why why can’t we seem to stabilise the public finances??

There is no salary freeze. Salaries are decreasing in the public sector.

A complete hiring freeze is a terrible idea as there are critical positions that have to be filled after the massive amounts of forced retirements.

We can, but not really.

I was about to say something similar myself Buddy Gunz, until I looked at the employee numbers for the Public Sector.

They’ve just released the Q3 results.
The total number employed in the public sector has increased by 1,900.

Look, the reason that the bond markets went berzerk was that they recognised the disconnect between what the government was saying and what they did. The traders cut them some slack to follow up on the rhetoric, but there was no action and we have seen the result with the IMF and the EU stepping in.

One of the more interesting aspects of the ‘bailout’ is the level of oversight that comes as part of the package. FF probably feel that they can bullshit their way along but the presence of EU and IMF personnel in the DOF giving monthly reports makes this much more difficult.

The state ban on new recruitment was typical of the bullshit generated and seen through.

With respect to the early retirement of key personnel and the subsequent hiring of their replacements, I would have identified the key personnel, not given them the opportunity of leaving and then make everybody else reapply for their jobs, justifying why they should be kept on and then ‘retire’ everybody else. A bit draconian I know but these are going to be hard times.

+1, there are too many useless people in the PS. It’s only the talented people who are availing of the voluntary packages. The only way to root out the useless is through sacking everyone and starting again.

Forced retirements? Most of the public sector workers I know that retired recently did so because they were worried that their fat pensions might get hit in future budgets. Some of them were even taken back working part-time in the same places.

Like Obama,

Employ at taxpayers expense, thousands of people to enquire who slept in your house last Saturday night.

Who gives a f-ck? Of course unemployment down. Might get reelected !

For F-ck sake

So are you saying that the census isn’t necessary, or that the census staff should work for free?

The cencus is absolutley necessary, we need to know just exactly who and how many are getting fooked. :laughing:

Dont be infantile. The census is a vital policy making tool. And if extra people have to be hired to get the job done so what.

More Bullshit PS bashing by those kunts in the independent.

Public Service should be just that, from top to bottom, not a ‘get rich scheme’ or ‘gravy train’.
Sacking isn’t necessary. Total restructure is. The leeches will soon leave once the gravy is gone and they have to work. There are many people working in the public service who are decent people.

:laughing: not infantile at all rick, just a bit of humor. “The census is a vital policy making tool.” Absolutley… it’s contribution to the successful policies of the last 30 years or more is probably vastly understated :laughing:
You think cencus can’t be handled by local and regional to national citizen’s commity’s?
People have to re-evaluate just exactly how much hand-holding they need and at what cost.

What are you proposing exactly? Doing it properly comes at a cost. If more people have to be hired to do it properly then so be it. Doing it on the cheap is not a good idea. Like I said, census data is a vital piece of kit and in my line of work something I refer to all the time. In my experience the CSO stuff is pretty good. Id like to keep it that way.

good point! Look at Germany, they have no census and see how wrong policies were in this country. They almost killed Euro. Another good example of failed country is Sweden, no census since 1990. This country is a mess. Consider selling CHF as Swiss are abandoning this vital tool. Those countries would argue that some “statistical tools” could be used instead, but everyone knows that it is as reliable as Tarot cards.

Sweden keeps a comprehensive population register, which anyone living there is obliged to keep up to date at all times.
You’ve a week to notify them of a new address.
skatteverket.se/download/18. … 717b04.pdf
They do take a census, they just use the register to generate it - unstats.un.org/unsd/demographic/ … ium_13.htm

The German government have tried several times to undertake a census and have been blocked by civil resistance.
There is a plan to hold one next year, which will be by a combination of the population register and questionnaires.
Again in German, everyone has to notify the government of where they are living.

but obviously the fact that Sweden and Germany haven’t undertaken a census is a great reason we shouldn’t.

Yeah, absolutely no need to take a census here in Sweden, big brother is watching your every move, tracking you by means of your “personnummer” similar to a pps number but generated by you date of birth + 4 extra digits.

It’s used widely by state and private companies, for example if you are collecting a parcel in the post office they will ask you for id and your personnummer and cross check your address in the database against the address on the parcel.

Also if you are ordering on many Swedish websites they will ask first for your personnummer and then the site will automatically fill in the address fields for you. Lord knows what sort of tracking goes on will all the info.

Private companies also use the database for direct marketing, they know for example how many kids you have their ages and sex and send out focused marketing material based on that.

Once you know someone’s name and address it is then possible to find out their personnummer and for a payment of approx. €1.50 you can find out how much tax they paid last year and the balance in their bank account!

In addition to that if you sneeze here Statistics Sweden will send you a form to fill out, I’ve had two already in the 8 months I’m here.

Like I said no need for a census in the Irish sense in Sweden.