Lenihan reveals budget 2011

I think the 4 weeks deadline is just to ensure that the work is done before the Dail’s summer holiday. I’d be surprised if an announcement of the actual cuts was made then, but you never know… Could also be something to do with Lenny’s health… he might want to get the work load out of the way before autumn.

Sheeple will have to be softened up well in advance - expect early leakage of cuts.

O’Cuiv can’t rule out cut to pensions it begins already

Everyone gets a turn.

Who will it be next year?

Watched Life after Dell last night, where the guy used up his 12 months stamps and had his dole reduced to €50 ish, because his wife got a temp part time position in Dunnes in the run up to Xmass. If this is all a family with 2 kids gets on SW, there is little scope for cuts outside pensions. It would appear he was not entitled to a medical card, as he was concerned about paying his health insurance

Worth a look, he was filmed driving into the SW office really angry saying “I’ll dig the head off em”

This doesn’t surprise me at all. They laid off the pensioners for a while but next time round, noone will feel sorry for them as everyone is suffering at this stage. I could see this coming a mile off.

What this man said and repeated to my hearing was’ I’ll dig the fucking heads off the them’

The bit of unenthusiastic push and shove at the Dail gates the other evening was meaningless -but I would not care to be working in Social Welfare offices in the future. Anger will find a way to express itself…

But surely people have an expectation to a certain amount, that’s the way it works right. That’s the line I hear trotted out by politicians regularly.

The “pensioners” (I prefer retirees) are an obvious area of opportunity in the budget. There are scores of retirees whose pensions are a huge cost to the exchequer and who could quite easily share some of the pain, I spoke to 3 last year following the budget and all were surprised and 2 of them actually disappointed that there was no impact to their pension, feeling that they would willingly give up a little in the circumstances. All 3 are retired in the past 1 to 3 years (teacher, nurse, and health admin) and felt they were very fortunate with the terms of their lump sum and ongoing pension. I think that if presented correctly and Lenihan has their ear, some additional taxation of pensions is very feasible and fair.