Lenihan set to reveal the great bank recovery plan

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Strong Banks for a strong economy? Bollox to that. What utter misleading media junk bullshit.

This is the Crisis Of Corruption.

We’ll get dead rotten banks for a corrupt political system who love a bit of necrophilia and the odd time share in pedophile

Unfortunately there is very little mystery about how the banks will raise this capital.

Nor about the “State of the Nation”.

Is Lenny President now?

Hmmm Banks being controlled by governments?
Governments being contolled by banks?

     Whose winning Xfactor? 

      Its all I watch since they stopped showing American Gladiators.

Yeah, but plan A was to hope it would all go away. Everything was posited on that. There wasn’t ever a plan B.

Trying to cash out the insiders, trying to bury the evidence of massive fraud and kickbacks, and desperately hoping that something, anything, comes up on the international scene so that they can either defer making any difficult decisions as long as possible or else have the whole thing taken out of their hands.

The last one is probably the most important motivation by this stage. Where Greece goes Ireland will follow soon afterwards.

Yeah, in football terms, the Irish gov. is playing to be substituted. Has been since before the last election…

A slow politician. Never!