Leo Varadkar Nightclub kiss video totally "Fake & Gay" 🍿

Watch the Leo Varadkar Nightclub Kiss video her that has gone epically viral of a Sunday evening, right before the Monday news cycle on twitter as people type, read, share and like there way across the internet.

We see Leo Varadkar necking some other bloke allegedly not his partner (another guy) in some nightclub, probably a totally gay nightclub or pub somewhere, at some time, whatever.

The whole video looks totally fake and totally gay.

Obviously it is totally gay.

Why now and then why fake it?

It looks fake because it has a sub Father Ted level of acting on display (it’s only short of a mic boom drifting into shot), Leo Varadkar clearly looks for the go sign / camera is rolling and awkwardly both men move in for the money shot.

It has to be fake because why would this be an uber controversial thing to whip up a moral panic in the very pro-rainbow-lgbtq+++ bought and paid for Irish media complex?

The pro-anything-goes brigade only get into a moral panic about approved target like “the church” or “nationalists” etc. etc.

Well, do you remember the Finish PM and her recent social media controversy?

This is all you need to know - she is still the Finnish PM.

A Pattern?

Back in August there was a kind of spectacle of scandal relating to social media videos of the Finish PM cavorting out at late night parties, nightclubs maybe even showing body to body with someone who wasn’t her husband in the context of covid tests and drug tests.

Like the Finnish PM the former Irish PM Leo Varadkar and soon to be unelected Irish PM once again December 2022, are all WEF loyalists.

This looks to be a move to not only distract but taper the soon to be leader in a false fire, where he will come out looking stronger.

Things to watch for:

  • How it moves online / social media
  • Who comes out in support (is it universal support)
  • What they say and how they say it (framing)
  • Is he grilled on it being a real or fake video?
  • Is he grilled on it being a real or fake kiss?
  • Is he grilled on infidelity?
  • Do they go to the partner for comments?
  • What is he actually grilled on of the media even touch it… [watch this space]

The video is like so totally fake because it looks staged.

I don’t know if there was some difficult times for the Finnish PM back in August of this year, that the social media video controversy conveniently provided a powerful means to distract the Finnish people from, but right now the Irish Regime and Varadkar who is about to assume control again, could do with a big distraction right now.

Why now?

Have you seen the movie from Kinnegad to East Wall ?

The Irish people have and it’s not getting very good reviews.

Irish communities do not appear to take kindly to having hundreds of men arrive dead of night in buses to vacant commercial buildings, industrial buildings, public amenities and 30% of the hotels across Ireland inhabited by the thousands.

It’s not unthinkable the nation is close to a soft revolt and East Wall has given every community up and down the land the template and means to create a non political and totally effective mens to bring the entire government to it’s knees.

The proof is the non-reporting form the national broadcast RTE that has given no coverage to the 3 peaceful community led and effective blockades of the Dublin Port Tunnel and other key infrastructure such as the M50.

This totally fake and gay kiss video is designed to be a great waste of everyones time, and that’s the real story.

The effective actions have been taken in a manner that demonstrates there is no established political interface on the ground.

Meaning, and this is a hard thing to do in Ireland, they have lost favour with most ordinary people, while the best the politicians and media can do is try paint any formative popular grievance and expression of that at a local level to current government policies and actions as “far right”, in an attempt to characterise what has always been normal in Ireland as something potentially illegal and heinous act verging on almost terrorist actives.

These things are designed sometimes as a test or a means or both to harness your emotional energy and time. If you are bored by this video then you are totally immune to the magic tricks.

The alternative idea is Leo Varadar has created a scandal to give himself a way out, but as I already pointed out look at how it worked for the Finnish PM, she’s still there.

This totally fake and gay kiss video is designed to be a great waste of everyones time, and that’s the real story IMHO.

It will also provide the chance to harvest some choice online comment trends or examples to nitro-charge the ratification of the Hate Speech legislation that no critically awake Irish person wants.

Don’t be surprised if this is WEF led tbh, it has a bit of a self-humiliation ritual with the promise, you do this and we’ll look after you from here on out.

Other things to watch for:

  • What agenda fulcrum do they try pin it too (harvest the ire)
  • Which is in opposition to what they need to distract former end.

The News-Benders (1968)

Hard to tell because the video quality is so bad. But looks no different what you’d see any day of the week in any bar / club in the Castro in SF. Varadkar is exactly the sort of guy to do this kind of shit. This kind of stunt in a bar. A sleazy little fuck.

The whole “marriage” / “partner” thing means almost nothing in the gay male scene. Especially “marriage”. I do know gay couples that have been monogamous for decades. But they tend to be the exception not the rule. At least in SF. With gay men. The norm is to fuck around. A lot.

The story with lesbian couples is very different. But thats a very different dynamic. More in common with any other abusive / controlling relationship. After male trannies bull-dykes are some of the most unpleasant people I have ever met.

The person to watch is Roderic O’Gorman. As times passes he just gives a stronger and stronger “Twink Scene” vibe. Almost Scott Wiener levels of Chicken Hawk creepiness by this stage.

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Looks real to me. In terms of non monogamy - This is what gays do.

I’m relaxed about it. If it bursts a few normies bubbles about gay promiscuity that’s good.

In terms of timing of release to distract from crises, I don’t see it that way. Our incoming Taoiseach is a vindictive but unserious person. This video reiterates that. So any benefits of diversion are outweighed by this very visual reminder of his (lack of) character.

What’s interesting is that at the time of his election I pointed out that videos of him would surface and this was a national security risk. Of course (blue shirt) Yoganmahew Pooh poohed that. But I was right. And others had said it too.

What I’m saying is…there’s probably worse videos of him out there. Late bloomer nerds like him feel they “missed out” and will “try anything once”

Or his formative PR years are inspired by afternoons watching “Neighbours”, and while other politicians and media have gone full Hillary Clinton on the Irish, he goes full Kylie for the kill shot.

It’s still all very “fake & gay”

  • Yep, fake as in staged.
  • Kiss me I’m Irish

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Wasn’t it the UK only recently announced they were making deep fakes illegal if used in a sexual context. If you’re looking for conspiracy OW, perhaps this is a false flag to usher in a clampdown on deep fakery here too (especially to protect public figures, a la hate speech laws)

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:hotdog: Not a sausage in the lame stream media anyone see anything?

Anthropological expedition latest findings:

Some fella maybe in India, but definitely sitting in a chair, eh…

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Oh lordy it looks like there may be attempts to suppress this topic and others online in the google search results since about 2 hours ago, using rather desperate measures, so desperate they are comedy gold of epic proportions.

There are what look like a consortium of raggle tangle Paid-for or entrepreneurial operators all based in most probably Indian or thereabouts, acting like a human video bot farm, attempting to keyword swarm this topic with videos by outputting a whole range of short spurious super low quality content videos with the correct title keywords to get top results in google - they appear to be mobilised to suppress the search result on this topic and getting to topic like here and reddit and the other few places the story is being covered.

That is not all… listen carefully

WARNING: Do not consume cornflakes or coffee will listening to this audio video presentation.

Hear anything familiar? :icon_beer:

But it’s 2022 for goodness sake - I thought we were past embarrassment about 2 men being seen kissing in a public place Leo. :laughing:

Now the wave of cheap indian drones have caused some SERP (Search Engine Result Page) suppression but not very much it gave time for the menace media to mobilise something, the latest addition to search result on the story and the message is…

It’s none of our business.

She/Her would say that :icon_rolleyes:

Leo Varadkar was allegedly filmed over the weekend while out in The George in Dublin kissing a man many claims is not his husband Matt.

While Leo may be a politician and very much in the public eye, his personal life is none of our business and we have no right to know about it.

If someone in his position does something in their own time, unless of course, it impacts the state of the country, we need to mind our own business.

He may be a politician, but Leo Varadkar's personal life is none of our business | Her.ie

Thought Leader material there… :whistle:

People really want to see this video.

This video appeared on YouTube first by the looks of it, and has over 11K views… yes Father Ted, exactly! The irony too of the clip used :melting_face:

Some youtube comments on Varadkar Nightclub kiss video:

Her/She wrote:

Nobody knows the circumstances of the kiss or his relationship with Matt, and whatever it is is something they should be the only ones involved in.

Ah so he’s married but not Married married you see. :+1:

The top twitter comment also now appears in the first SERP of google, with more thought leaders rowing in and adding force to the “don’t care + private” narrative.

See it’s not 2019 anymore.


Leaving Cert (H) Pinglish

In your own words Compare & Contrast

Kiss Video Vs Freedom Of Priests - Kerry Priest Fr Seán Sheehy

I wonder if it was a video of Michael Martin in Coppers shifting some young wan who wasn’t his wife would it receive that same treatment!?

And as for the “we’ve no right to know his personal life” BS - Leo made known his personal life to us, by coming out as gay just before the marriage referendum to let us know it would affect him personally (or as he spun it: to display “no hidden agenda”!). He’s all too willing to use his personal life in public when it suits him, yet we’ve no right to know or discuss it when it doesn’t suit him!

The privacy thing is a bogus and false misdirection as all of it really is with the exception of what it is designed to do and by whom.

FFS, mandatory injections and we track your movements 24/7 via your iPhone and admonish you in the media and lock you down more if behave badly by moving about too freely, like visit family, or sick loved ones.

C’mon man… it’s not 2019 anymore. Moral wasteland, but someone wants to be King & Queen of WasteLand. :thinking:


It’s Queen and Queen.