Leo Varadkar Nightclub Kiss video - Twitter

See uncensored video here Leo Varadkar Nightclub kiss video totally "Fake & Gay" 🍿

Users on Twitter were able to view, like and share the Leo Varadkar Nightclub kiss video no probs.

Yet it is very difficult to find much coverage in the main stream media.

Why has the media ignored it?

Maybe people should write them a letter or send them a tweet and ask? That’s for starters. Others are reporting they too are finding it difficult to find any further coverage online.

There are tons of spurious videos almost unintelligible content hogging the top search results and are nothing but junk. Still no answers as to why free flow on twitter, the pin. This is head in the sand stuff, but that’s what we’ve come to expect with other issues, virtually zero reporting on what is actually going on in the world.

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