Leo Varadkar [UNCENSORED] nightclub kiss video

Watch video + analysis here: Leo Varadkar Nightclub kiss video totally "Fake & Gay" 🍿

Why did the media hide the Leo Varadkar Nightclub story from the public for so many days and take days press for comment?

Finally some coverage in the media only 4 days later and and many dollars short.

Mr Varadkar said in response: “I think it’s very much a personal matter and as you say it does relate entirely to my private life and for those reasons I don’t want to comment on it.”

This is not the first time Mr Varadkar’s private life has hit the headlines. A picture of the country’s most famous politician socialising with friends in Phoenix Park in May 2020 during Covid sent social media into meltdown.

Src: Leo Varadkar declines to comment on viral nightclub video - Dublin Live

You would also know that reading the original topic 3 days ago Leo Varadkar Nightclub kiss video totally "Fake & Gay" 🍿 who can forget ShirtGate eh, but the media were all over that, mostly British media, so it’s not the same actually, this time there was a total blanket on the story, the media played along, bad play, the media proved they are a political media.

Not a friend or ally of the people.