Leo Vardakar suggested using online shills, allegedly.


Guess this is only hitting the news now because it’s part of a book on Varadkar but this story has been out in the wilderness for some time in advance.

Stripping out the politicing by Lawless, that’s a nicely crafted side step = No explicit denial, as of yet, that Leo Varadkar actually made these comments.

Fascinating insight all the same. Thanks Mr Spokesman! :nin


must pop Leo an email about how he could automate that :smiley:


twitter.com/campaignforleo/stat … 2657199106

Not sure what’s going on with Mr. Varadkar of late…
Given that Mr. Varadkar is a good political operator (as Mr Farage described him), I wonder what’s this comment really about?
Is it a case of, no such thing as bad publicity…
or perhaps there’s something else that needs attention take away from?


He’s on the Late Late Show tomorrow night. Given the state of Housing, Health etc, I fully expect Tubs to go hard after him even to the point of trying to intimidate him.

I’m sure Varadkar will get 10 times the rough treatment that Peter Casey got.


Please - Tubs the hardened journo. Miriam would be tougher…



Shocking indeed, but as the Fianna Fail years proved, allegations are one thing, but making them stand up is another


what’s the point of this?

He doesn’t have a family. He goes out with his friends instead.

Do you expect him to stay in his office all the time or why do you keep posting this? It’s a tabloid level critique. Is “Anger at Leo” :unamused: from Aodhan “White Knight” O’Riordain really news? That stupid bell end isn’t one to be critiquing anyone’s social media output

It’s cringy to be sure but is it really some sort of scandal? most of it is posted by other people


“Anger as posters on a property discussion forum argue over Leo Varadkar’s social media output while the country is in the grip of a housing crisis”


fixed that for you

What next, opposition politicians focusing on Leo Varadkar’s sartorial choices??

oh, wait


He makes 185k, works long hours and doesn’t have kids. If he wants to treat himself to an expensive coat and go to half a dozen gigs a year - or a dozen, I dunno - who cares? If he goes to these things, he can get into the VIP lounge. It’s probably nicer in there and he gets less grief from random drunks on his night off.

The fake social media accounts is separate. It’s not a great instinct, it must be said. Funny that he actually had his own fake Facebook account - calling himself Eric Howell - so he could use it to stay in touch with his friends/family. (He handles that non-scandal better than his tetchy response to the non-scandal about him living it up at Kylie)

Anyway, the authors of that biography ran the book by Varadkar so it’s weird that he didn’t suggest rephrasing the line about fake social media accounts. Maybe, as others suggested, he was happy enough with the inevitable headlines that would follow?


Same reason why French citizens post photos of Macron being ‘aloof’ and ‘out of touch’ with ordinary citizens. Remember, Varadkar is leading this country and ensuring citizens are suffering


The Taoiseach should be an unpaid volunteer. It’s the logical conclusion of not being allowed to lead a country in which anyone earns less then you. He could live off nicked Dáil toner cartridges like the Shinners. Though I believe it’s unwise to burn them as briquettes.


“French citizens” - so you can’t articulate exactly what his social life proves or affects anything but just use the actions of losers in other countries to justify reposting tabloid reportage of Aodhan O’Riordans ramblings.

It’s Ad Hom shite. Nothing more.



Hardly a fake account as such?

A lot of people change their names slightly on the Interweb to maintain a degree of privacy. Par for the course for teachers I understand


Really? So you’re not Steve Lasher?




That’s Mr. Stephen L. Asher to you!


Do we have any idea if the alleged “post on social media” Leo Varadkar is referring to in this tweet has been located?


Here is the answer via Google…

irishexaminer.com/breakingn … 89911.html

It was a gossipy nonsense claim. IMHO, given the nature of the office, the Taoiseach should not have reacted to it directly.

The charge that the Taoiseach is out getting pictures takes with celebrities while homeless crisis continues is also not a fair criticism.