Lets find a few billion

I would guess raising the school age to 7 or 8 rather than an actual cull.
Though you can never be sure in these depressionary times. Tough situations call for tough measures and all that :nin

On the plus side, it might improve our failing literacy levels.

“A Modest Proposal,”

nytimes.com/2010/11/26/opini … .html?_r=2

You won’t find the solution in playing their game. Did you write the rules?

Close all State health provision and social welfare.

€35bn saved.

budget.gov.ie/budgets/2011/D … 202011.pdf

Start from scratch, spend no more than a combined €15bn on the reconstructed services.

Accept that people will suffer and die and there will be public protest and disquiet.

Other than that you’re deluding yourself with “fell good about skinning a fat cat or two” while only saving a few 10’s at best 100’s of millions.

Blue Horseshoe

If we reduce the number of TDs down to 100 we have to pay 66 of them ‘disappointment’ severance of €300k, which will cost us ~€20M

A nice new Glock pistol will cost €800 & 100x 9mm rounds will cost €26 :angry: :nin :-GC

Bit like this really …

When the East-West interconnector between the Irish and UK national energy grids is completed, and when \ if the Dublin waste incinerator is built and online, then we can export thousands of MW of energy. I can think of many sources of fuel for the waste incineration plant, starting in Dail Eireann…. :smiling_imp:

And when you think that Anglo cost us 40 billion
That’s the magnitude of the treason perpetrated by including Anglo

Does this really happen??? I mean, it’s bad enough having to pay them to turn up, but they now get paid if they INTENDED to turn up??? The theologians claim that only God can turn his intentions into actual stuff… someone needs to tell them about the members of Dáil Éireann. :imp:

Oh yes. This did indeed happen just last week. I doubt there was even a full vote on it, it would have been by acclamation (save the embarrassment of anyone having to put their name to it).