Let's talk to the builders

Brendan O’Connor in today’s Sindo. Nothing to add really, it speaks for itself. Link

That’s why BO’C gases is a journalist :wink:

It typical of this gobshite that he uses words like nerd & boffin as terms of contempt. Yeah cause thinking about what to do next is worst possible thing to do :frowning:


Yes, they seen the chaos ahead, they realised that houses were seriously over valued. That is why, to pretty much a man, they continued to hand over astronomical sums of money for sites, whether in back end of beyond or Ballsbridge.

You sir are an idiot.

Who the fuck reads this shite… Who is this man’s audience??? :open_mouth:

Dear Brendan,

if you take a drink with builders from time to time, and they understand what’s going on, and which way the wind is blowing, can you explain to me why, 12 months ago, they didn’t warn you about the writing on the wall in the property market? After all, you said then - when people were getting cold feet about hellhole shoebox apartments costing 10 times the median salary - that all the smart ballsy guys were buying property then.

And if developers and builders understood before any of us which way the wind was blowing, why have so many of them buried themselves deep in debt? Do you KNOW how much Sean Dunne paid for half of Ballsbridge? Had you any clue why the banks sold off their property?

I’m thinking no, you had no idea, so your builder friends couldn’t have told you over the odd drink you have with them.

The economy needs to be stimulated. The property market, however, does not. We need to start creating stuff we can sell to people outside the country because that is what will get the economy going again. At this stage, I don’t care whether it’s the much vaunted knowledge economy, dirt cheap wind power, computer chips, cheese or whatever. We have to export it.

You don’t appear to understand this. If you’re going to yammer on about builders and property, then you clearly have no clue what is wrong with the economy and it ill behoves you to insult anyone else’s intelligence.

The writing was on the wall 4 years ago Brendan. The developers operated on a pyramid basis; hoping they would be out before the crash.

It doesn’t work that way Brendan.



I wonder! Who reads that article and agrees that the prescribed course of action by boc is the way to go.

I reckon he’s just trolling.

There’s no way even he can believe the stuff he comes out with.

BOCs writing today is a subtle attempt at trying to influence public opinion and get Joe public to put pressure on the ministers to give Country Tom and his mates the dig out they are begging for.
By the way Brendan, you never disclosed who bought the drinks.

I read that BOC gasses is paid to write deliberately controversial shite just to stir people up and get a bit of rise out of them.

It’s the only plausible explanation to me.

There are some entertaining defamatory comments about him in the edit history of his Wikipedia article if anyone’s interested.

BO’C doesn’t care what the response will be as long as he gets a response. Best thing to do is to ignore him.

Wikipedia’s edit history proves to be an endless source of entertainment. I notice somebody keeps pasting in the ballsy article from last year.

I’ve seen him a couple of times in Renards and I’ve always thought that he has a striking resemblence to John Leslie :laughing: Sorry John

I didn’t realise “The Sun” readership had replaced the delectable delights of the page three ladies for the Indo ?

He’s nothing more than a down-market version of Kevin Myers (who isn’t all that up-market to begin with).

"So, business and politics mixing, we were told by these perfectionist puritans, was a cancer, a cancer exemplified in the Fianna Fail tent at the Galway races, which became a byword for everything that was wrong with this country. Builders and developers, who were employing so many people and driving so much economic activity, were regarded as ‘Bad Men’ who should not be allowed to pollute political thinking, which had to remain pure, uninfected by capitalism and other viruses.

Of course, the funny thing is that, while that supposedly unholy alliance of public representatives and the private sector was going on, most of us didn’t think there was a whole lot wrong with the country. As more people start losing their jobs, as they watch their children having to emigrate, as more people start having difficulty paying their mortgages, that era of Fianna Fail consorting with builders will probably be looked back on as a golden age."

I am giggling to myself hysterically as I read this. Comedy Gold.

I honestly do not know if he is taking the piss or he is serious and honestly believes what he is saying

sadly some people will eventually will remember the pre crash times as the “good” times when FF did consort with the builders.

Definitely, it will become known as BC.

Before Cowen… An era when the streets were paved with gold and the fundamentals were sound… The reality o’course, was they were just mental…

And everyone knows that most of the builders used their big wages to pay off their mortgages years ago. And have accumulated huge savings in order to ride out the next few years while they retrain as something else. :unamused:

That man is no more a journalist than I am - REAL journalists never use one word in their articles; “I”

This is the bit I really love. It reminds me of a Cecil Rhodes type speaking about Ireland:

When the jobs go, emigration increases and people get into financial difficulty, they will burn effigies of Bertie and his builder friends in the streets.