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08 December 2007

Housing rip-off: where to lay the blame

THE science of economics can be so complicated.

I thought houses were beyond the reach of ordinary people because speculators were charging €300,000 more than they cost to build.

Apparently the real reason was the €30,000 in stamp duty that the Government levied (in order to waste on things like replacing ancient mammogram machines).

Now that the levy is being reduced, everything will be all right for everyone. Isn’t it great that we have all those brilliant economists on the radio, taking time out from their work for financial institutions, to explain all this to us?

Otherwise the ordinary man in the street — using his own meagre intelligence — would never, ever understand why houses are so unaffordable.

Tim O’Halloran
23 Ferndale Road
Dublin 11

Honary membership for Mr OHalloran??? :laughing:

Perhpas he’s already a reader/poster.