New or some of the Kinnegad missing 75 IPA’s being dispersed?


If the useless locals are going to take the shite from NGOs, what’s there to say more. We saw Phil describe how the few local men he spoke to simply shrugged their shoulders. “Let’s hope it’ll be ok” - always the same useless cnuts who can’t even talk about it, as it stresses them to even have to discuss it.

All afraid to speak on camera.

To speak up is to be branded racist or xenophobic.

that`s it, no one will speak up on camera because they risk losing their job and laws like this

Approx 30 adults into Letterkenny - population 19,274 is an annualized circa 56% annual population growth rate. Not newborns, adults. This is an important distinction as newborns are born into existing households, new adults will require their own (own door accommodation in 3 to 4 months).

with the possibility of more to come during an accommodation crisis is stupidity.

Letterkenny currently has 13 properties for rent and 77 for sale


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Property for Sale in Letterkenny, Donegal | Daft.ie

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If the 30 are all couples the demand is 15 properties. If they all have families somewhere else its 30.

@ 15 that is more than all the properties for rent in Letterkenny. Or if the government wants to purchase their own door accommodation then its a demand of nearly 20% of all properties for sale in Letterkenny.

Walnut Grove Letterkenny

A student accommodation, in July '22 50 students got their following year’s deposits returned due to ‘increasing matienence costs’.

It is now home exclusively to Ukrainians.

How much is this costing ?

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