Letting Agent

Need some advice!

A mate is having some trouble a letting agent.
Just wondering, are letting agents licensed or regulated in the same way EA’s are? what’s the legal requirement to become a letting agent?

(EA’s I think is just a bond with the district court…or some such!!!)


I had trouble with a letting agent too so I made enquiries. They are not regulated at all, at all. Anyone can set up as a letting agent. They may choose to join the IAVI or the other EA body but are not obliged to do so. If your friend is a tenant they can get help from Threshold as to their rights. PRTB can’t help if the dispute is with the letting agent and not the landlord. If you are in dispute with a letting agent it’s basically the small claims court.

That’s not how I understand it bookworm.

There is actually regulation. It comes under Act No. 10/1947: AUCTIONEERS AND HOUSE AGENTS ACT, 1947 and essentially here a House Agent is “a person who, as agent for another person and for or in expectation of reward, purchases, sells, lets or offers for sale or letting, or invites offers to purchase or take a letting of, or negotiates for the purchase, sale or letting of a house otherwise than by auction or attempts to effect such purchase, sale or letting”

These people need to get themselves a “house agent’s licence” which means a licence, under section 10 of this Act, to carry on the business of house agent.

According to Section 7 of the Act then if they carry out the business of a “house agent” without the appropriate license etc. is guilty of committing an offence.


Please go to the Guards and report this guy or gal if they do not have a license. Make a formal written complaint at the station and ask for the good name of the investigating officer to do a follow up on your behalf.
Let us know how you get on…

Bookworm…I imagine a lot people have had bad experiences in this area - solid advice there regarding Threshold - thanks!

wii4miinow …great research thanks for posting - I’ve already forwarded - not sure if they have a license or not …but it’s always a godd starting point to establish what the legal requirements are.