Liam Carroll Debt Fudge - Irish style

By Dara Doyle
Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) – Irish lenders to property developer
Liam Carroll met today to discuss a possible “co-ordinated
approach” to the debts of his companies, Dublin-based
broadcaster RTE said, without citing anyone.

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Johnny, any link?? Could nto find it.

“Irish Lenders” Ha!!! Seems like the dirty foreigners are not invited.

I heard it was being denied that any meeting was held at all :question:

Hardly surprising that the fix is in, though, is it? After all, the banks have been rolling over his debts for two years waiting for the fairy godmother in the DoF/ECB to wave a wand and make all the negative numbers disappear.

No doubt this is being done with the connivance/complicity of the government who see mark to market as the quick death solution that will consign them to oblivion, as opposed to the NAMA long-term valuation rubbish that will bankrupt us instead.

One thing that I am curious about in all of this is the presence/absence of the ECB in all of this. After all, they are bankrolling this nonsense at the moment, and having run into a roadblock courtesy of the Irish Supreme Court separation of powers, what will they now do in the shadows?

Pressure Rabo? Invoke the “appalling vista”?

Oh to be a fly on Lenny’s wall today!

One understands that Lenihan is taking the waters in Bella Italia…Cowan is underwater in connemara. So whos in charge of the shop?

The social worker? ( from the Green Ink blog , they ask for due attribution )

Source: … -shot.html

Any resemblance between that & Rodin’s “Thinker” are purely coincidental ! Mary’s mind :unamused: has never known thought.

They are having a lenders’ cactus. Yes, that’s right, cactus not caucus. A joke that will be understood by those that have read Tom Wolfe’s 'A Man In Full.