Liam Carroll . Endgame .

Fixed that for you, Neil.

Or maybe read the piece and realise how he was a cash billionaire, BoSI control most of the properties he’s linked with now.

Allegedly - as per your article, and not a billionaire, and 800Millionaire. I heard he alledgedly got the faclility but never drew it down.

Oh, and its BOSI and AIB are the bankers not just BOSI.

Welcome Neil. Do believe you been lurking and learning…

Maybe he should tap up Stuart Pearson… XX

That was one deal, he also had other cash, he was getting millions in rent from apartments that he held onto himself and was using tax properties to reduce his income tax bill. Might also be worth saying that in addition one of his companies gave him nearly E60m for his personal pension fund, presumably for more stock market investments. BOSI did the securitisation and my info is it was drawn down. I know the name of the CMBS but won’t mention it here.

Welcome Neil,

I for one think the artile is a good one.
Particularly seeing as carroll would have been regarded as one of the lions of the property game and immune to the downturn.
Your illustration of his current plight is excellent.
I would be interested in reading an article about the effect of Carrolls difficulties on former employees and contracters.

Refinancing is so 2005.

6 of his companies gone into administration

Also running at least 2 apartment blocks as “hotels” from what I can see.

Did Carroll become addicted to Section 23 to keep on pushing?

Developer buys time to avert €1.1bn crash

Engage the “Scapegoat” device!

Oh noes. Someone give him more money !

How can it be any worse that his already disastrous effect on the Irish economy?

You know at what point do these boys stop pretending to be GOD’s for the sake of the children :unamused:

What us mere mortals just don’t seem to get, no matter how often we’re told it, is that Liam and his ilk are TOO BIG TO FAIL XX

Ah yes, the good ol’ “too big to fail” line. No doubt Lenny or Clowen will come out and tell us how he is of systemic importance. :unamused: