Liam Carroll's companies

I am looking for some help digging into the web of firms. I have gotten reasonably far, but would appreciate some help from someone very familiar with the case, or happens to be an accountant or forensic accountant… PM if you can. Thanks.

I’ve made a stab at tracking the web of companies that fall under the various Morston Investments companies. There are a number of curious facts about these companies, clues of which can be found in some of the locations and names of companies. The number after each company name is my own, to help me distinguish between the various Morstons. … companies/

I was especially curious about Morston UK. Mr Carroll does not appear anywhere on the company information for the UK firm. However, Morston UK has a Dutch subsidiary called Vantive Finance (interesting name), which in turn has an Irish subsidiary called Vantive CC (which does list Mr Carroll as a director). Why this complex structure? And who are the curious pair who direct Morston UK? (more on that later).

Another curious name to pop up relates to Morston (4). The holding companies all contain typical directorships (Carroll and Pope), bar one. That directorship in one of the subsidiaries (Zoe OptionGrantco) is one Ms Natalia Romanova, according to company information, who is based in Dublin.

Thoughts anyone?

Natalia Romanova is a Marvel comics character from Iron Man. She’s better known as Black Widow and will be played by Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming Iron Man movie. :laughing: … e?id=34208

Lots of Natalia Romanovas on Linked In.

There was a Ms Romanova naturalised as an Irish Citizen on 29/01/2004. The given address appears to be a church though. … 140409.PDF

Page 16, items 34 and 35

Natalia is down on her luck, liquidation for Shipping Securitisation Funds ABS 3 and 4

My guess is this structre is in place to minimise the groups tax. I’ve seen similar structures in one Multinational in particular where a web of subsidiary companies in the Netherlands, Ireland and the Cayman islands were used to channel worldwide profits in such a way as to legally minimise taxation. But Barak’s on to them…and us! … aven-slur/

So Liam was just moving profits from the UK to where he could pay less tax on them is my guess

This link will probably give you nothing new but the list of Liam Carroll properties mentioned there might have individual websites/news stories. Hope it helps a little bit.

Where’s Carroll these days? And his companies? Did Romanova always have so many dirctorships? has fewer - 27 - the legal limit is 25; … icers.aspx

Nice gaff. Must be a bitch to heat though.

I personal would give Ms Romanova a share of my dividends any time :stuck_out_tongue: … tb_4QW4sMg

:open_mouth: Is that really the address?

I guess of the 225,000 images of Natalia Romanova, the one in the habit is the most appropriate…

That is the address on gmaps but in fairness there’s a terrace of slightly grubby houses on the other side of the road that might be it. No numbers visible.

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