Liberty Plaza Village, Dame St

How will you show your support?

  • I’ll bring me tent and claim a plot in the name of Life & Liberty!
  • Donate Food
  • Maybe Say Hello
  • Go down for a bit of a dance and maybe a shift.
  • I’ll do feck all for the dirty rotten feckers!
  • Buy a House in SCD in protest!!!
  • Huh?
  • I’m much too far away to care.

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There is a flowering jewel of humanity in the centre of Dublin city at long last. It has delicate glimmer and sparkle like a snowflake. It hangs on the edge of the cliffs of incredulity taking root in a deteriorated city of fearfully bored pavement. I say unshackle yourself from the chains of your defensive cynicism and step out of your cabin fever through material exile.

Place your trust in your sense of being and pay a visit to the Liberty Village surrounding the Central Bank on Dame St at whatever time of day or night you feel.

On my first most earnest first visit to the Liberty Plaza village. I bumped into Max Kaiser and Stacy. Since then I have enjoyed the company of those frequenting the village and have to say it is wonderful relief.

They have shelter. They have security. They have sociality.

However they can not grow food.

If anything where to happen I would like it to be thus;

That by the end of this week the Liberty Plaza village will be so inundated with donations of food and human warmth that it will be redistributed accordingly establishing a real relationship that can lend support and show a way that can withstand the ravages of greed, arrogance and stupidity we all so desire to be banished but still abounds to cause pain and suffering for no good reason.

Do you think you can help?

Of the material things others and I have donated, thus far the most important has been food. I will now continue to do what I can for those who are doing what I cannot.

If we all participate and support an essential human nexus of social interaction. Then we will in the greater scheme of things be much richer for the experience as existing structures threaten our most basic freedoms and are thus decline us in earnest.

So I hope when I go there next toward the end of the week. I may be greeted by stories of growing connectivity and great uplift!

[*Cause like you don’t want to be like this guy! * (Don't Be Like this Guy on Vimeo)

Things to consider.

They are around 50, those on this forum and others are in their thousands, nay tens of thousands. Small gestures will have colossal impact. That will cost you little time or money.

They have withstood the torrential rains and floods.
They are unmolested by the states police force.
They have made an area frequented by anti social events truly a social place to be.
They have kept the area clean.
They may be there Christmas day and beyond.
They are us. We are they.

It appears deliveries can be made via post as well to the Central Bank, Liberty Plaza, Dame st.

Enjoy life!

I would happily donate food. Do they have a website? Do they have facilities for cooking?

I believe they might be able cook some stuff now, you can ask them before you donate or offer anything, help etc.

I think if you search Occupy Dame St you’ll get plenty of links, for examples,

Like I said you can simply drop down and see what the sceal is cause its wonderfully uncomplicated if that how you want it to be :smiley:

Hate to rain on their little anti-everything, eco-parade but I’ve passed this mini-Glastonbury campsite dozens of times and the simple truth is that 99.9% of Dubliners are completely ignoring whatever’s going on down there. Even Billy Bragg doing a free gig couldn’t muster more than he would in Vicar Street.

So what if many are “ignoring” it? I mean can you confirm it is being ignored? I dunno if I can or can not. That is reality. Its like TV. We don’t always watch the same TV channels at once as such, such is life, unless of course we are commanded too by flashing lights and giggly things.

The media seem quiet enough if you want ot talk about who is ignoring who. It is something that they have been allowed be for so long.

To be honest it reminds me of a time when things where friendlier in the early ninites around this par to town, a time when I us to ramble as a young fella around Temple Bar before it became the national vomitorium.

I take my proverbial hat off to these souls. I’ve often postulated our weather goes against such events. So far these few have destroyed my theories and I for one am the happier for it. It is now like a real town square. That is something. Some sense of common sense.

In contrast to your average sit-in-car-nudge-round-car-park-retail suburbianna where everyone looks like they are on the edge of going postal if you look like you might get to their car park spot before they do.

I haven’t visited Dublin in ages. I have a reason to go now, even if it’s only for a look in.

I have a feeling there will be more.

“Don’t be like this guy”

I know that guy!

Which poll option corresponds to: “I support them to the extent that I want the government to completely openly and transparently explain their reasons for paying for bank debts with tax payer money, after which I’ll decide whether I agree with them or not, and no I don’t agree with that silliness about ‘taking back our oil and gas resources’”?

I spoke to someone and they said they would donate a very warm coat. I think that is great.

Believe me, there are plenty more reasons to visit Dublin than standing around reading slogans and listening to Oisin and Sorcha’s take on how to solve the world’s problems.

I believe you like making smarmy remarks and belittling protesters who have principles and are prepared to stand up and be counted.

You should have some respect for your superiors :angry:

Take it to Liberty Plaza folks and see how ya get on :slight_smile:

Much can be said about the Dame Street protest but I will say this:

  • At least the protesters are DOING something (other than talking).

  • Their protest is a **VISIBLE SYMBOL ** against the rotten systems that we ALLOW to diminish our lives and the lives of our children.

All in all, I think the Dame Street protest is a GOOD thing!

Yes if I did not make that point already I want to repeat that point,** the symbolic nature is bigger than the protest itself**, it is less a protest when you are there, it is simple existence and that is why it is completely relevant to everyone of us as anyone one of us at any moment can engage in that existence without fear or favor.

That is why we should support it on a simple human level, support the continuance of life vis a vis the bypassing of all existing structures so when they fail we know we can rely ultimately on ourselves and not these jaundice institutions that are the root of their own decay. People on this island have far too low a sense of self esteem and when it expresses itself it has run riot through the manipulation of the “jolly uncles” you end up with a negative equity gaff, not a quality of living fit for humanity.

If we sow the seeds of simple human courage then the how of change begins.

I’ve donated more than food at this point, I have donated the ability to cook food and will continue to do as much as I can as i think and interact on the ground. It is actually a lot of fun at this level.

My words pale into comparison with what you may feel when human contact is the primary means of engagement. So don’t be surprised if your cynicism evaporates when you realise you can support yourself and everyone else in what ever manner you see as positive.

Here is a hint, its not like going shopping in a “MALL”.

For example if but one pinster or many pinsters want to ramble down and set up a table and start offering free financial advice go for it. It never stopped Brendan Burgess doing it on the national airwaves so why should it stop you? :smiley:

No one is stopping you right… only yourself 8DD

Enjoy life by living! We don’t do enough of it.

Might I also add… :astonished: … it is inevitable the what has happened virtually over the course of the latter half of the 20th century technologically speaking and the beginning of this one will now manifest itself physically real.

There is not another 1000 years of iphone releases ahead of us you know…

I concur.
Had to head into the city for work yesterday.
Made a point of swinging by to check it out.
It’s a surprisingly small setup but seeing it up front does give you a better appreciation of how difficult it must be to sustain.
Came over all shy of myself so didn’t speak to anyone.
I donated some cash and went on about my business.

I answered “too far away to care” but to be honest I’m getting more interested in this thing.
I’ll see about sending some food, or I’ll deliver it myself if they’re still there next time I’m back to Ireland.
I know a few of the people who’ve been running seminars; they’re decent idealistic people.

Do they have any special dietary requirements? :wink: … 29324.html

Direct route their son have a chat with your Ma… :angry:

Interesting how they have to have an establishment angle to report on it.