LIBOR not being reported correctly??

heard a banker say their ‘blended’ is 5% to me that screams ‘we are buying at extortionate rates!’

and manypoeple I know are getting the money off them on a tracker at 4.5% , how long can the banks carry this ???

Some very questionable behaviour out there. Just makes you wonder how bad banks actual as against reported balance sheets are.

Natural gas traders in the US went to jail for doing something similar; manipulating a published index.

What about the role of the outside Auditor? This profession is highly regulated, stuffed with compulsory 40 hours of CPD, the monitoring of practices is endemic as a result of IFSRA clampdown since Sarbannes Oxley. It begs the question, what real basic criteria governs their work? It is beginning to appear that their work would be on a par with the regulated Investment Advisers. I gave up investment advising in 1997 when I suggested to a client that he invest in near cash funds and it took a good five years before there was a positive return. That plus the stories of interest charged in error etc made me into a right skeptic on the whole financial scene. Whose benefit do they operate for - certainly not the customer or client? Such people can only operate in bubble economies – is that why the Irish are so reluctant for the property bubble to burst?

This kind of leg dragging only hides the holes in our Pension Funds? There will be nothing left for the young even though they are the ones who are asked to contribute the most!

It would appear that one of the solutions could be to reverse the data collection method - instead of asking banks what rate they borrowed money at, why not ask them what rate they loaned it at?

There must be a flaw somewhere? There always is!

You’re digging down to the heart of the tiger here WTTR.

I think the reason that the neuve elite of Ireland are so reluctant for a crash to occur is because they know no better.

Any other country in the world wouldn’t waste their time with media paddy-whackery and gombeenism about “talking down the market”. They’d simply find opportunities elsewhere and get on with it. The amount of moaning and groaning and looking upwards to our sacred FF “leaders” is nothing short of soul destroying.

It’s time the current status quo found something else to do – retire in your golfing gated community in Portugal if you so wish – we’d probably be better off if we had our country back. Let the old fogies reproduce in Portugal!