Lies on The Business 6Jan08

Marie Hunt from CBRE was on the business this morning.

I nearly choked on my toast and chocolate sprinkles.

First half 2008 will be as good as it gets for buyers of residential property?
Another good year for commercial?
Pick-up in overseas markets in second half 2008?
Interest rates have peaked?

Is she mad, stupid or evil? Or, heaven help us, does she actually believe what she’s saying?

Marie Hunt appears in the what they said thread several times and was very conspicuous in her attacks on the Future Shock program, see the links below. … c&start=15

This woman is nothing but a fundamentalist shill hiding behind the title economist.

Irish so called property economists are only shills with important sounding job titles whose job is to get on the airwaves and make unchallenged pronouncements .

If they are not getting airtime they are not doing their job. Any so called property economist who is not being quoted liberally by the media or being invited on the airwaves to peddle their product will probably not last long in their job in the current climate.

So far ( that I recall) in the past week or so there was Pat McArdle on Newstalk at the end of christmas week and then Finnegan of sherryfitz and now Hunt…all making unchallenged albeit ludicrous if not delusional predictions about 2008 .

Its simply their job to do this . Its our job to drill into real fundamentals and analyse them accurately instead.

The backlash aaginst Hunt and her cohort will be very very severe by next year. In fact I can already smell the fear.

Quite a lot of activity there, must be salary review time…

Maybe Irish coke prices have spiked? I think moving out of coke and into smack might be a smart move. ARW, do you know of an ETF for class A drugs?

Or could it be that the long campaign to kick-start the spring selling season has started?

It’s pretty simple, it is the start of 2008 and so prediction time…

I take it nobody is making libellous assertions in this thread??? Good, thanks!