Limerick Auctioneer: Local Authority the Saviour

Dooradoyle - asking 140k
Corbally - asking 140k
Raheen - asking 140k

the other areas mentioned should be free

Health issues - The rapist who had been jailed for 20 years was housed in a village close to Limerick City

Just to note Tom Crosse’s brother is a Fine Gael Councillor in South Tipp

I have no idea why the LAs do not get together, and put up a reverse auction website.

FOR Example :

100SQ m accomodation required for 6 yr lease or whatever.
Must be within 10 miles of ( enter whatever city centre )
After 1 week accept lowest entered bid.

State gets value for money.
Assume reasonably strict prequal to be allowed to bid.

The fact that it’s not their money may have something to do with it.

Bought a bubble gaff?
Lost your job in Dell?
Can’t move due to said mortgage?

Here have a regeneration family of scumbags as new neighbours (you can discuss your respective repayment structures over a cup of tea).
This fucking country :angry:

Why are people who need local authority housing scumbags? If they shouldn’t be allowed to live in ‘private’ estates, where should they be allowed to live? Corralled into poor neighbourhoods? Look what that approach has achieved in Limerick!

May I suggest the Blasket islands? Or better still somewhere no-one wants to live.

Ask yourself why is there a need for regeneration?
Why were so many houses left to go to ruin in the first place?
Why should the government give these folk free houses while their next door neighbour struggles to pay his way.
No not all people given free houses are scumbags.
I can only speak of family/friends experiences and some of these would blow your mind.
This is a city that has been thrown to the dogs in recent years.
It’s a waste of money the country doesn’t have.

In a country that is bankrupt most neighbourhoods are poor,some just don’t realise it yet.

Look what moving them into civilised communities achieved

After terrorising the local community for 2 years

Schoolgirl stabbed by pyjama clad mob … 47875.html

Why can’t we have a system whereby state supports are reduced when these people do not abide by the law (children included)

Interestingly can’t find any mention that either of these incidents were due to moving people from the regeneration estates.

In fact practically every urban neighbourhood includes people getting ‘free’ housing because one third of private rented properties are paid for by rent supplement. In my experience most private landlords do sweet FA about anti-social behaviour committed by their tenants, they are just interested in the cash. Councils are far more proactive in this regard.