Limerick Councils market support of €50 million

But not everyone is happy with it

Its all so fucking text book :imp:

You can’t please all of the people, all of the time…

Yeah but the whole point to the new housing strategy was to disperse the disadvantaged across many geographical areas to avoid ghettoisation.

Instead of this, we have Mosney II in Clondalkin, huge swathes of housing developments being bought for the purposes of social and affordable housing (+ social housing), etc. Anti-ghettoisation policy my ass.

Meanwhile Sean Dunne can propose a tower block in Ballsbridge with no S&A whatsoever (he offsets them down to ringsend).

And yeah, Open Window, I agree: it’s so fucking text-book it’s unreal.

Just what is the point in making legislation if the essence of the legislation is undermined by greed?

I guess some pigs are allowed to make up the rules as they go along.

Isn’t that the point???

Right so, let’s all just accept it (as we do in Ireland)

I say we all complain but then not do anything about it.

Any takers?

It’s up to you…

In my opinion Limerick City is the most socially divided city in the country. The ultimate three hapence looking down on pence. Huge swathes of the city would not be touched by so called normal people. There are a couple of enclaves of oul descency where house prices are keeping the undesireables out. What enrages these upperclass Limerick folk (whose badge of honour is a caravan in kilkee or Ballybunion for three months) is having to rub shoulders with poor people.
For a good number of years now any one with some money is leaving the city and moving to Clare, Tip and County Limerick. The city centre will be left for the single mums and council tennants. Very sad really.