Limerick: Hollowed out by the 'doughnut' effect

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a plan to restore the city?

We just finished the plan to build the ring of shopping centers.

We need less plans.

A large part of the problem here is that Limerick **county **council has allowed these shopping centres to be built on the outskirts of the city and so the county council receives the rates. It is Limerick city council that run the city and are loosing out on the income from rates as shops close and or relocate to out of town centres. Effectively it is the lack of inhouse coordination between Limericks two authorities that is killing the city. Of course the obvious question is why do they need two councils –the answer to which is they don’t. I assume it’s just a vanity exercise –cities (and lets be honest here Limerick is a big town) *‘must’ *have a separate council.
The city centre shopping centre referred to above, would most likely not have had free parking –so you would still have to deal with traffic congestion and pay for parking –not an issue with the out of town centres. But this particular development has been counter productive so far, as the developer has effectively been gobbling up units over the years, and now there is almost an entire city block lying vacant with boarded up shop units –not attractive –and not likely to attract any other businesses in the immediate vicinity.

Even Galway succumbed. Galway city was expanded well into the county in the 1970s and was countryside all around. They saw this as a challenge and developed right to the boundary in a few locations.

As the county allowed discounters into every town in the county of any size even Portumna and Clifden and with both in Gort the City decided to build its very own donut around the edge of which 2 out of 3 are functioning and 1 is a hole in the ground. The city then drove parking charges to €2.50 or €2.60 an hour and now the city is dying.

I avoid going in, unless I absolutely must :frowning:

A key part of my christmas for years was the trip to galway. Beautiful just walking around and dropping in to shops pubs and restaurants.

Cant face the traffic anymore so our family wont be maqking the trip this year.

Limerick City and County Councils don’t/won’t co-operate on anything, more or less; and Clare County Council don’t have a good relationship with Limerick City either.

It seems to be the case that the Limerick and Clare County Councils have allowed and encouraged development just outside the city boundary effectively expanding the city population and area a great deal while leaving the City Council administrative area in the doldrums and at the same time providing the majority of schools, parks and other amenities in the area. Now the county councils are afraid that if there is only going to be one administrative council for Limerick and its environs it will be city based and they will lose the Limerick suburbs and associated retail and industrial parks.

Its also worth noting that in recent times no residential area under the auspices of Limerick City Council have flooded. Not yet anyway.

I think every decent sized town in Ireland has fallen victim to the a) stupidity or b) greed of the local council.

Clonmel town centre, a town I know well has been decimated by the building of 3 major shopping centres on the outskirts of the town - leaving nothing but €2 shops, empties and parking disk machines in the town.

Whats really annoying about this is that the lesson was learned in the UK 10 years previous when Tescos were building huge shops with free parking on the outskirts of towns.

Whats worse is the Council have allowed so many places be built on the ring road of Clonmel - they are going to need a bypass to bypass the bypass as its jammed with traffic on the main Waterford Limerick inter urban route.

New Ross has a separate Town Council for goodness sake. NEW ROSS.
When I was a kid we played in fields that were nearly as big as New Ross.

It’s hardly even worth discussing the donut issue. We saw it happen in the US.
We saw it happen in the UK.

We’re talking here about people who allow building on flood planes and then go on national TV
and make jokes about building on stilts.


+1 - I’m told that there is no love lost between these three bodies.

Which sounds to me like little Hitlers afraid of their power being taken away from them. And for the people of Limerick that probably would be the best thing. At the moment there is no coherent plan for the city and that is what is causing this problem.

Hats off to the guy who came up with idea for the Crescent Shopping centre. In the article The Crescent is portrayed as being the bad guy (a bit). But I grew up in the area and it seems to me that they built an awful lot of housing out that direction with shag-all services except the Crescent Shopping Centre with tonnes of free parking around it. I don’t know the facts - perhaps brown envelopes were involved, perhaps he played golf with the right people. But he certainly seemed to anticipate the market and capitalise upon it. If he did so legitimately then I say well done that man and I hope he is enjoying his retirement sipping cocktails somewhere nice and sunny.

I didn’t know that it is the largest shopping centre outside of the Dublin area. You learn something new every day.

I thought what Irish people want to no cars in city centre. No cars means certain group of shoppers would be not interested in going into city any more. This goal is achieved by punitive parking fees, traffic calming projects and limiting parking spaces. When I lived in Cork, they would at least make Park&Ride with reasonable daily rate, but in Galway citizens have ensured that there is no facility like that. Socializing is also discouraged, as CIE makes sure there is no late night transport available. I’m pretty sure Limerick is same story, so there should be no complain but cheering from success.

Oh, I forgot to mention Loading Bay scheme which operates when shops are open - brilliant idea to limit parking spaces at times where customer could do shopping! Why bays are not open only at very early hours like 5am to 8am?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: A very fair point there September :laughing:

Wrong. Limerick city council has been trying and trying to have the councils amalgamated for years, close to decades. They know this setup is counter-productive and want to have it changed. But the county councils are fighting against it.

Limerick city is built nearly slap up against the border of Clare and I’m told that Limerick City Council would very much like to extend their influence into Clare for a few miles to extend the city in that direction in a planned manner and that Clare Country Council are having none of it. So you have a rather strange situation where you can cross over the Shannon bridge, and almost immediately you’ve left the city and you’re driving through a preserved area and then countryside. Its quite odd.

I may well be wrong, but you have not explained why the two entities were created in the first instance. Could you please elaborate. You have merely said that one side thinks they should be amalgamated.

Seemingly what is now known as Limerick City Council began life as Limerick Corporation after the City of Limerick received its Charter of Incorporation from King John of England in 1197.
And AFAICT Limerick County Council dates back to 1898 … of_Ireland

I doubt that the founders of either foresaw the current situation where you’ve a load of civil servants who don’t like the idea of their jobs being threatened :wink:

Fair enough. At least they were created in simpler times, when there probably was not such a conflict of interest. But by virtue of the existance of the other one at least one (if not both) of these is a quango.

I agree with your sentiment, though it is more to do with colloquial job security than the greater good.
On a more general note and as highlighted in the board snip report, some of these councils should be amalagmated.
There are simply too many of them ,and too many employees for the size of popluation and area that they cover

Surely there’s room to trim this list down a bit in any case…

Jesus that seems crazy expensive! I park in the Fitzwilliam Hotel carpark right on the edge of Grafton St for 2.60 per hour.