Limerick property prices collapse

There so cheap I’m thinking of buying 2, my dog needs a new kennel!!!

Limerick prices never got as bubbilicious as the rest of the country. Those are near on normal prices (little high, maybe), its the rest of the country that went mad.

If you look at the prices you’ll see that the auctioneer has misquoted the prices, some are as low as €30,000.

Ah ok, gotcha, but…

Heres a 3 bed for €50k -

I would have to be paid to live there TBH. Wasn’t the latest drive by shooting in that neck of the wood.

I was wondering what you were talking about. … rtyID=5190

The man that was shot had just ridden into an estate on a horse when he was met with a hail of bullets. (I’m not making that up) :open_mouth:

The neighbours are a charming bunch. Can you imagine the residents association meetings!

So that would be a ride by shooting then.

I always thoughby people were exagerating when they said parts of limerick were like the wild west.

It seems even with the cheapest houses in Ireland you still have to deal with the cowboys :smiley:

Panzraam said

Surely you mean lynchings? :laughing:

Jon Kenny (D’unbelievables) tells a great story of sitting around a fire with a group of travellers on their site in Dublin, surrounded by scrapped cars, muck and rubbish.

One of them asked him where he was from. When he said Limerick they recoiled, “Wouldn’t want to live there. Rough place”.


One great advanage about limerick house prices is this estate agents site they put the price of any offers on a house on there website,click on a house and on the bottom of the page if there is a offer on this house it will show.
No matter how low the offer is they will put it up.

Its great if you need to know what house prices people are paying in a area compared to what they are marketed for . And what the actual price it was sold at.

I have been followng this site for a long time now and at the moment there is not one house with a offer over its guide price compare this to one and a half years ago when you had about 50% with offers over guide price.
Most of the houses with offers are less then <5% under guide