Linden Lodge, 23 Park Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin 4

Any views on this, anybody?


I would take this around the corner, and save myself over half a million.

38 Willfield Park, Sandymount, Dublin 4
€900,000 - 5 Bed Semi-Detached House 176 m² / 1894 ft² For Sale

Park avenue has one lovely part, but much of the rest is apartments and estates (from the 1980s planning era).
(of which Linden Lodge unfortunately sits at the junction of both).

Been on the market for almost 18 months now with at least one price reduction from 1.65m.

House seems to have “grown” from 198 sq m to 207 sq m in that period (could be related to the conservatory)?

Irish Times - Sandymount lodge with big garden for €1.65m
Bright and welcoming detached house in Dublin 4 has three/four bedrooms

But they are very different houses. I walk past Linden the whole time and it is far and away the superior property. Wilfield is lovely but it’s a semi-d and feels it. Noisy neighbours next door (loads of kids and a trampoline when I went to see it). Needs 200k as it was rented for years and has bathrooms all over the place. Smalll kitchen at the front needs to be moved to the back of the house creating a family room. Sun in the back garden for a few hours early in the day in summer.

It needs 200k and will sell for a million. Within a day of first viewing bids were up to 910k so will go close to a mill, so you’re looking at 1.2m in reality.

Linden on the other hand could go for 100 below asking as it’s been on so long.

If you’re lucky enough to be in that price bracket, I know which I’d choose.

Pretty sure I valued this house back in 2003/4.
Was having work done to it at the time.
Nice house.

I think it is owned by the next door neighbours (identical house) who sold their house on Ailesbury Road last year for c 4.4m ?

Would agree with Benz. Prefer a ‘real’ period over a pre-war anyday. But it has been a long time on the market. Must walk around there (seeing as I live near) and take a good look at the apartment issue Mantissa refers to. Could also be a very damp place or whatever…

sold for €1.465m on 22-6-16