Lios na Mara, Dalkey (-2250k, -50%)

Originally 4.5m. Price drop to 3.9m discussed in Irish Times in Oct … 07713.html

Now at 3.95m

Now 3,750,000

Now 3,250,000

Now 3,300,000

Now 3,250,000 again … JFLT355211

Now €2,250,

The Myhome listing seems to have a

The immediate temptation is to say ‘the Myhome listing is more realistic’ comment (at the time of posting it lists the house at €250k as opposed to €2.25m). But on closer examination, that might well be true.

But the present asking price is completely out of touch - it weighs in at €744 per square foot. Don’t know what others think, but I’ve spent a long time watching properties at the upper price level and a vendor with a property of this quality should consider themselves phenomenally lucky if they can shift it for anything over €400 or €450 per square foot. That would put this in the €1.2-1.3m bracket - and even then they might find it difficult to sell.

Has anyone viewed it? At the present unrealistic asking price I wouldn’t waste my time, but if there’s something I’m missing about the value of this house I’d be interested to hear more.

Beautiful looking house inside.

But for that price you’d want to be nearer either the village, or the seafront, and maybe have a bit of a period look.

I’d hope that big tree in the garden was yours too, to give you the option to rid yourself of all that shade.