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Waking up…

Chief vegetable who got rid of was it 8-10K bedsit bed causing homelessness and death, but now “it’s not good enough where you can’t provide a bed…”, says chief vegetable.


“Lismore4All” NGO to be formed in 3…2…1…

Population of lismore was 1374 in 2016.
117 is a jump of 8.5% on the 2016 census…overnight.

I see McDowell in that programme. I don’t watch - anybody if he had anything to say remotely like what he was saying 15 years ago?

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Ruh roh…

Labour Cllr Thomas Phelan accused the Government of adopting “an almost patronising lack of trust in communities” and said locals would react sympathetically and with goodwill if kept informed.

Let’s have a look at that broad welcome again to remind ourselves.