Lisney's Sold "close to" confusion

From the property section of today’s IT:

"Agent’s ‘close to’ is €2.5m off … 66199.html

WITH THE SLOWDOWN in the sites market, Lisney seem a little confused about prices.

At the end of January the agency reported that it had secured close to the asking price of €7 million for a redevelopment site at Dublin Road in Shankill. Now, alas, they have admitted that the property, Cremorne, only made around €4.5 million.

At that price it might be considered good value, as the agent had suggested that it could accommodate up to 30 houses, provided that the planners agree".

…confused about prices…anyone detect a hint of sarcasm here??
directed at an EA by the IT…surely not?

EA’s gotta be careful with announcements like that, especially with a hungry taxman prowling and those nervous bank managers.

Would and IAVI member really do that?

Makes you wonder about the accuracy of the “region €X” sales results appearing elsewhere in the same property supplement.

A little bit of regulation would help combat speculation and vacillation on the part of those who profit from deregulation. :open_mouth:

EA’s “exagerating” Now there’s suprise. :unamused:

  1. Members shall ensure that their advertisements and other public pronouncements are in keeping with the dignity of the profession, **strictly in accordance with fact **and not such as would bring the Institute or the member into disrepute. Members shall take reasonable care to ensure that any particulars personally issued or statements made by them or their staff about a property entrusted to them to be sold or let are accurate, the pertinent facts are not misrepresented and the prospective purchasers or tenants are not misled. A member shall not advertise for sale or letting any property without the prior authority of the owner or agent.

Well they shouldn’t, according to their own rules. :confused:

Complaint form at bottom of document downloadable from the above page. :imp:

All they’re saying is that 35% below a price is “close to” it. Potential buyers should remember that and make offers “close to” the asking price.

i had an issue with an estate agent demanding a copy of a clients loan offer last year - it was because they were a non-national- and i said i wouldn’t give any EA a copy of that, it was a farce, when i called the IAVI i got the most watered down excuse and cop-out that i have been subjected to in years, i believe good estate agents are not easy to come by having said that i would have felt lisney are a very professional group by and large. i’m surprised at that news.

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