Listen up: we need to protect whistle-blowers

Listen up: we need to protect whistle-blowers → … 05852.html



We need to protect this whistle blower :wink:

God bless Fintan O’Toole

Socialism good, capitalism bad. :unamused:


According to O’Toole, NAMA has earmarked


to pay for advisors to oversee the scheme.
But without NAMA what would those accountants or lawyers be doing???
What kind of hourly rate does this work out roughly?
And how do we have a situation where lawyers who’d be whistling dixie without NAMA are able to strike deals paying them hundreds of euros per hour???
(NOTE: there is a reasonably reliable rumour doing the rounds that Brian Lenihan retained a certain well-known law firm that shall remain namelesscox for advice going into NAMA at a daily fee of over 20,000 euros - can any fellow pinster confirm this?)

Dermot Ahern on RTE Radio 1 today saying that there wouldn’t be reforms for the legal profession because they are going through "hard times’'? Sorry no link, but I’m fairly sure I wasn’t hearing things. Can anyone confirm/correct? … 13434.html

Hmmm, if we work on average 220 days per year @ 8 hours a day its approx 1760 hours per year.
So €240,000,000 divided by 1760 hours is about €136,363.63 per hour, not bad work if you can get it. This seems to be the replacement gravy train for any quangos they have gotten rid of, certainly for the professional classes, it’ll help offset some of those pesky negative equity mortgages they are up to their tits in. FFS :unamused:

Heard that one of the big 4 accounting firms are getting a cool 10 million per annum for the valuation work. Told by someone working there (pricks with calculators).

State workers to get legal protection for exposing corruption at councils → … 061083.ece

Shane Ross: Whistleblower Bill buried → … 09678.html


Appalling indeed.

Pat Rabbitte has tried to push this through now 10 years ago and again this year. Imagine the sh1t that could/may have been avoided.

Feic FF if their not arsed they can’t stop it forever.

Interesting development in Iceland.

This is a brilliant, farsighted and timely development.

Well done Iceland.

Indeed, the Marshall plan following their defeat after a short guerilla war in which most of the urban housing stock was destroyed will be a tremendous boost and probably accompanied by debt forgiveness… :neutral_face:

…while the paddies sit in their own piss and call it a warm bath…

The start of the first infowar? :nin

Only so long till that SkyNet moment so… BD