Listing says one thing, realtor says another.

I viewed a property, the listing said 3 acres… total asking was something like 950k

When we arrived the agent said the asking was 1.25 and we needed to purchase the surrounding 33 acres… is this normal, legal…?? certainly not ethical.

Should I run for the hills? House is def. of interest


Often a country property (prestige horsey type or sometimes working farm) is available in two lots - the house and small garden in one lot and larger fields available separately.

If the fields aren’t attracting interest they might try to bundle the two lots.

Agricultural land sells for approx 10k an acre (a poor yield though…)so it sounds about right, though the ad may be misleading.

Don’t run just yet!

not running… but told they wont break it up…

also told can dump the farm land probably within a week for 12.5-15… this is like learning a whole new language.

yeah he offered to sell it…

i thought it sounded a bit off.

Ultimately i think we decided against this property… but such a learning experience.

thanks for your help. much appreciated.