Little Acre, Quarry Road, Rathmichael (-475k, -40%)

Was 1,199,500

Now 895k

126 Sq. Metres (1,356 Sq. Feet) house on almost an acre of land

Now 920K

It didn’t sell at 895k back in June, so the EA puts it up to 920k six months of eurozone crises and budget cuts later.

Canny. Very canny.

Er, down to 820k :blush:

Ok home turf so let me off the leash.

Very ordinary (from a plan book) bungalow built in the 1980s. Nothing special. Lovely views though. Nice site. Very far up Quarry Rd. More rural Rathmichael than the real old part with period homes (Ballybride Rd, Lordello Rd, Ferndale Rd).

For €820k, I’d expect a whole lot more. As an example, this house in Ferndale Glen is much nicer and on at €975k (only worth €675k in my view) see:

I say it’s worth €550k max. I wouldn’t pay more than that for it.

Has been for sale for ages. Was one of those “for sale by owner” jobs first. Then Lennox, now Sherry Fitz following their merger.

The EA can’t even be bothered to get the name of the nearby road right. The current ad
says “Thorndale Rd”. No such road. There is Ferndale Rd and there is Thornhill Rd, but unless those two roads have interbred and produced Thorndale Rd, then I don’t know…

Now 795k (-404,500, -33.7%)

Now 725k