Live Register down by 3,300 in December

In other news…rate of emmigration increased dramatically in the last year.

Since when did the News stop being News but instead become mood music to keep the populace docile.

Now I know it’s a lifestyle choice for a portion of that 42% but that’s pretty depressing. I’ve been unemployed before and know what it can do to you psychologically and I was only out for 1.5 to 2 months. I can only imagine what a whole year would feel like.

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The Live Register goes up or down 3K-5K every month these days. No news there.

Do the CSO keep a reasonably accurate count of emigration?

Or is it guess work based on Census data, etc.?

If it’s no news there then why is the RTE website leading with it.

the only way you’d know about the emigration is by comparing taxpayer numbers ? Personally a huge number of younger people I know are off to all corners of the globe.

Slow news week

Because they always report it.

Serious case of ‘thats the way things are done around here’.

That’s a little glib Dubhgeannain. The “lifestyle choice” meme is a bit of black propaganda put out by Sindo types to denegrate social welfare and all who rely on it from time to time.

If we look back to the end of the boom (Q2 2007), where there were so many jobs going we had to import workers to fill them, there were around 100k unemployed. Of these, 28,400 were long-term unemployed. These people are the only ones against whom a charge of “lifestyle choice” could possibly be levelled, though many of these are probably stuggling with addiction or mental health or other issues and do not deserve to be denigrated in this fashion.

Fast forward to the latest figures (Q3 2011) when unemployment has tripled, the long term figure can no longer be used to identify slackers, since there are simply not jobs to go around for all who want them. So even if we allow that in the boom time there were 28,400 hippies and wasters that means you’re tarring a further 150k or so people with the “lifestyle choice” brush without any thought for the psychological impact on them.

Most people will rely on the dole every so often, ideally for no more than a few months while they reorganise their lives.

The poor feckers who’ve gotten axed over the last few years though are really going through the grinder and it won’t be getting better for them any time soon. Let’s try and save the opprobrium for the bastards who actually deserve it, shall we?

I’ve posted this previously on a different thread but, in addition to emigration, I imagine there are a percentage of people coming off the Live Register each month who have simply run out of unemployment entitlements but remain unemployed and actively seeking employment. I gave before the example of my OH - he is six months into a year of jsb. In theory, this could turn into jsa in another six months time if he hasn’t got a job by then but, as it is means tested and he is married to someone earning in the higher tax bracket, I doubt he would be eligible. If the gods are cruel enough and he remains jobless by this summer, he’ll be one of the ***‘less people of the the Live Register, hurray!!’ ***figures but will still be very much hunting for a job.

Taking your 28,400. Of the 434,784 now currently unemployed that’s 6.5%, which is a portion of the 42%. Like it or not i am correct. I wasn’t specifying how large a portion but in this case it’s only about 15%.

I was simply covering in case someone came back and said something along the lines of "Well how much of that 42% actually want to work.

Just to be clear I wasn’t having a go. Like I said in my first post it’s a depressing figure and I feel for those in that situation.

Apology accepted :wink:

There are a lot more than 28K lifestyle dole recipients. I think in the “good old days” the dole was quite low and people were walking into any kind of a job without hassle. Now that the dole is so high and its not as easy to get a job you will find a lot of these people just don’t have the stomach to go looking for work.

I’d also be wary of suggesting that emigration is the cause of this decrease. A lot of these might be people who have run out of stamps and are now supported by a spouse.

A means test may still provide him with some benefits (such as a GP Card) but your point is taken. Your husband’s case is a ridiculous scenario.

The Live Register figures are not fully accurate. For example and I’m open to correction here, but if you do a FÁS course while unemployed, I think you’re not counted on the Live Register, thus skewing the figures.

The difference between working a minimum wage job and claiming the dole+the added benefits (medical card, rent allowance) is not that much and alot of people (and I see it first hand)don’t see the point in working for an extra few quid every month!

They save up and then get on the next available plane!

Why would you bother? Perfect example is the JobsBridge scheme the Gov spouted on about. It had a Budget for 2011 of €20m. The uptake has been about half.

Why? Well, would you work a full 35/40+ hour week for only an extra 50euro on your Dole?

Don’t forget lunch costs, transport costs, child care costs, etc that come into the equation should you choose to take one of these roles.

IMO, only the younger, newly graduated generation would take them to have some work experience on your CV.

@txirimiri That is an interesting observation The CSO seem to have introduced a new heading, Not in Labour Force. I assume that your OH will fall into that category when the JB runs out. They only seem to have introduced it as of Q4 2010, but it seems a little opaque to me as to who or what is included.

@buddygunz That is bollox. The good old days linked to are 2007. The dole rates have fallen since then. Please supply evidence for your assertion of 28k lifestyle-choicers or piss off.

@Dubhgeannain Ah, fuck it anyway. I had meant to qualify my response to account for your use of ‘portion’ but forgot to after trawling around the CSO site for the stats. Anyhoo, I knew you weren’t being a prick, but just wanted to put the refutation of the “lifestyle choice” Sindo bollox on the record. Apology extended.

No 2007 was the end of those days. I’m talking 2004-2005 here. Did you know that the dole was €135 in 2004? I reckon there is closer to 60-70K of people who couldn’t be that bothered to work. I know lots of them myself so I’m not sure what evidence you require. Do you want to piss off now?

Something a little more substantive than ‘I reckon’ would be nice. If you can’t find any, perhaps you might be wrong? Or perhaps your perception is skewed by the circles you move in?

Well I’m extrapolating it out from a circle of about 100 of my peers and they would number at about 15-20. Maybe my experience is unique but I somehow doubt it.

This thread is interesting… regarding 2 Irish girls who refused a job (over minimum wage) and were unemployed (and probably still are!!)


I know alot of people have no choice about being unemployed but there are a large proportion of people who chose to be… Until benefits decrease nothing will change.