Live Register November 2009 … t/lreg.pdf

Change in month:
NSA + 1,098
SA + 900

No offence intended to the poster but this statistic means nothing anymore.
It’s been knobbled.
The only statistic that matters is the number of people in permanent full time employment according to the QNHS which is released quarterly.

we are supposed to be indignant about waste by FAS but the Govt. is using FAS even more wastefully to hide the number of people who are actually unemployed by forcing them on to training courses of questionable merit.

I don’t doubt you for a moment, dipole, but even with all the spin and spoof, the live register is still rising. Despite attempts to limit eligibility, more are passing the means test - absolute levels of distress are increasing:
JB - 4,787
JA + 5,104

In addition, there’s an interesting table showing the adjustment effect of the Live register of people on STEA and WPP:

Month Male Female Live Total Total Total Register Oct-08 -604 -667 -1,271 Nov-08 -690 -707 -1,397 Dec-08 -750 -595 -1,345 Jan-09 -893 -696 -1,589 Feb-09 -1,109 -875 -1,984 Mar-09 -1,174 -894 -2,068 Apr-09 -1,456 -1,116 -2,572 May-09 -1,592 -1,145 -2,737 Jun-09 -1,932 -1,198 -3,130 Jul-09 -2,033 -1,281 -3,314 Aug-09 -2,103 -1,228 -3,331 Sep-09 -2,381 -1,404 -3,785

Estimated Emigration (Persons in April) (Thousand) by Sex, Year and Nationality

Data for 2007 to 2009 is preliminary,+Year+and+Nationality&path=…/Database/Eirestat/Population%20Estimates/&lang=1

Irish Both sexes 2006 15.3 2007 13.1 2008 13.4 2009 18.4 Male 2006 8.0 2007 6.2 2008 7.2 2009 11.5 Female 2006 7.3 2007 6.8 2008 6.2 2009 6.8

Is migration not movement within a country,
immigration movement into a country
and emigration movement out of a country?

I’m too many years out of school…

Wouldn’t the live register exclude those whose Job Seekers’ Benefit has run out after nine months and who don’t qualify for Jobseekers’ Allowance because their spouse is working? That’d skew the figures no end.

9 or 12 months depending on the number of contributions you’ve made.

Wait till February next year. There was an avalanche of claims last January, you should see quite a few of them dropping off early in the New Year seeing as how most couples have at least one earner and if they earn more than 25k, they won’t get a sausage on the JA.

It’s pretty inevitable that there’ll be a big fall in the live register during the first half of next year. And you all know how that’ll be spun. … king39.htm

dem peskee furriners aint goin home!

also, those bloody youngstirs ain’t emigatin wha fer de lovely dole we feed em

You could have fooled me. Australia is bursting at the seams with Ga Jersey clad bogmen and young wans who never missed a dinner in their lives. :slight_smile:

Wait a minute there - is that necessarily the case? My knowledge of Welfare isn’t comprehensive but isn’t there two levels of welfare and JA is the top level. So even if you aren’t entitled to that anymore wouldn’t you still be entitled to a lower level of support? So that would keep you signing on. And I’m under the impression there are other reasons non-monetary-benefits that might keep you signing on even if you weren’t getting any money.

Or do I have that totally wrong?

I hope I’m right about this because it would irritate me greatly to see the government spinning an apparent drop-off in the live register.

EDIT: a friend who knows more than I tells me that When your JA benefit finishes, you’ll be assessesd for the allowance. If your claim is awarded, you stay on the register. If not, you’re advised to sign on for credits, in which case you still stay on the register. But some people won’t bother to sign for credits, and they will drop off. But hopefully people will continue to sign so that we’ll have a more accurate number which the government will find hard to spin.

And yes I know there are other more-accurate indexes than the Live Register but that is the one that people are used to hearing about in the media so that is the one that is important.

That would be when JB finishes.

The problem is that self-employed aren’t entitled to JB, only to means tested JA. The means test is pretty severe being based on household income and assets. So many self-employed didn’t qualify and haven’t signed on. Some were told they weren’t permitted to sign on, because they didn’t qualify for payments, so they are missing out on their credits.

90% of them are on the WHV which expires usually after 12 months and also the WHV limits their work options. Quite a few of them will be back here next year. Its hard to get a work visa unless you find an employer who will sponsor you. The days of the safety valve being a cover for the ineptitude of Zanu FF is long gone.

Its different this time bud.

Having been away for a year, they’ll be entitled to next to nothing.

When plans come together… BD 8-