Live/ Renovate/ Knock?!

This one is so interesting. It looks like it probably needs rebuilding (in which case are they asking for way too much at €200,000?)

But the location is unbelievable. 3 minutes walk to the beach. We live (renting) in the village. Rumour has it they are looking for cash only, which we don’t have but I think it’s worth a look. They have refused an offer of €160. Do people think it’s mad money or will they get it for a holiday home that someone could get a few more years out if?

I came on here in 2010 about to buy myself a one bed in Rathfarnham. The valuation I here was WAY below the asking price but it wasn’t long before it was exactly on the money and I was so glad I didn’t buy it! So thanks!

Small town rumours… are one thing.


I guess they tried at least once but you’d have to do some research by looking up planning apps on the site, otherwise you might be only rebuilding your pride after buying a lemon.

Yes, I should have said. You can replace like for like in this little area but building anything 2 story or wider than what exists isn’t possible.