Live Web Chat with David McWilliams Today 1-2pm

David McWilliams will be doing a web-chat today on the RTE website.

Anyone else notice that the Sunday Turbine and Sindo had a total of 4 articles slagging off McWilliams this weekend? Sir Anthony must have sent his crack troops a memo. Diarmuid Doyle accused Davy of being “unoriginal”, which is highly ironic.


Have you got links or quotes even? If so post up here, pretty please!

Did anyone else try to ask a question on the webchat. They’re not publishing mine. I’ve asked 3 questions similar to this one below, even though his whole program was about the property bubble:

i asked:
When the property market does correct itself, what do you think is a realistic level for prices to return to? "

They’re only posting ones from Bulls. ie “Dave, how many times have you been wrong about the crash?”, “Is it Micheal McDowells fault?”, etc

Nah, I’ve had my fill of the foppish one recently!

Anybody else!?!?

cheers for that.

I thought that last weeks show lacked any content, but the one last night would have shocked a lot of people sitting in their arm chairs.

McWilliams was just asked about this on the RTE Q&A:

Graham: Did you read Brendan O’Connors article in The Sunday Tribune about yourself? He referred to how the Irish can be so intrigued by some basic clichéd references to how the live. Do you see yourself as a credible economic expert or a man who gets the nouveau middle class up to speed on current affairs?

David: If Brendan O’Connor said it it must be right!

Can you bellieve I missed the dam thing, but I read the book :wink: SO I am sure its not much different perhpas a lot more like this forum anyhows! Anyone stick it on youtube… ah gowan…

Prize for the stupidest question.

I thought there were only a couple from bulls, and they were worth publishing because he had good answers to them. I particularly liked the answer to the “How many times have you been wrong…” question, as he pointed out the VIs have been wrong with their soft landing predictions every year too.

The Michael McDowell question was worth publishing too, because thanks to Doctor Sir Tony O’Reilly there ARE now thousands of people who believe that’s the reason for the drops - it’s worth refuting.

The “John Dublin” question was particularly asinine.

And well fielded by McWilliams

David got a little testy there towards the end :slight_smile:

I liked the question about what we can do to manage a downturn -
answer: sweet all, er, I mean nothing. :wink:

Are we really driving towards a cliff with no brakes?

Ladies & Gentlemen!

Our 1,000th post!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Javapie, you win a free return flight to Stansted with Ryanair (you only have to pay the charges) and a pint of guinness at the inaugural propertypin xmas social!!!*

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Can anybody dig out the Interest rate forecasts from the SBP on last Sunday in November 2005. I think Dr Dan said that the ECB would finish 2006 at around 2.75 and Austin Hughes said that they wouldnt go much higher that 2.5 pc. I’m going on memory here , so I’m not 100 pc but I think I’m close

Ah, this question was also asked of George lee & he too was given a car for his show “Boom” and much like McWilliams I think he also drove an older car not as snazzy as the one he was filmed in :slight_smile:

So in that it is revelaing more about TV land and also about to premier media economists :wink:

I had posted the Geroge Lee webchat but where it is I don’t know.

I like George Lee, he’s a good old sod so he is. I bumped into him once a few years ago and we talked briefly about property, he said “your generation should be outraged at what is going on…” and you know what I bloody well am. … ROCK ON THE PROPERTY PIN!

Class! But what do you mean I don’t win a free house??? How about a mobile home? :wink:

If you’re having a PropertyPin Xmas social, have it in Dublin city centre; the pubs are too full; there’s nowhere to sit, the pints over-priced, and the service non existant - but we still insist on paying the crazy prices(much like property) - the perfect setting for ranting in fury about the Irish property market…


I agree - I think the sentiment of most of the questions had a bullish vibe about them, but I also think that was a very clever move on the part of McWilliams/Producers/whoever chose the questions…

All the bears KNOW what’s going on. They don’t need to be enlightened. Whereas I feel that there are a lot of bulls out there thinking: “Aha! But has he thought of this?”

By letting the bulls ask their questions, and have them cleverly answered (basically, shot down!) every time, I think it will give Joe Public a lot more to (mentally) chew on…

BTW, does anyone else think David “Horatio Caine” McWilliams, when they see this:

:blush: :blush: :blush:

As requested “Our own view is that the ECB repo rate will
move up to 3.5% over the next fifteen months and stay there until 2008” see Pg. 16

The Irish Property Review - A Quarterly Analysis – November 2005 … review.pdf