Liveline at present on rte radio 1 VI developer vs bear

Liveline at present on rte radio 1 VI developer vs bear

Builder in Longford being told by all callers to cut his prices

I think this week we’ve finally arrived at Panic.

On both sides of the fence!

I think so. The camels back is broken after last nights government PANIC.

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Where were all these sensible voices 2000-2006?

Probably drowned out by the mania?

The rest are just quiet now.

The take people out of the private rented Rent Allowance sector and into the new social housing, created by buying the housing surplus, seems to be a popular solution. But it begs the question what happens to all the private rented sector housing that becomes vacant? And placing the burden of maintenance, management and repair of tens of thousands of new social housing units on a broke exchequer? At this stage its all so much deckchair shuffling.

Actually it’s more like burning the lifeboats to keep warm on the deck.

There is definitely a smell of something in the air today with all the media exposure related to the housing industry, whether its panic or hysteria is open to question. The reaction on the PIN (see link above) to the attempts by the VIs (that includes the government) to reinflate the bubble is understandable but I honestly cant see it having that much of an effect in the long term. The VIs have far too much access to the media. Unless a well funded concerted anti-VI campaign is waged to counteract their spin, taking out a full page ad as discussed above will be very easily countered by the property industry spin doctors. Anyway, at the end of the day all they are doing is prolonging the inevitable, supply and demand will determine what happens as it does in all other markets. I’m sure Morgan Kelly and David McWilliams will be giving their version of whats happening which is about as effective as you are going to get.

What about an online petition to the government?

These can be pretty effective.

Something like:

We the undersigned call on the Government to stop interfering in the Housing Market to artifically inflate house prices. We refuse to support the Governments attempt to further enrich wealthy developers at the price of a lifetime of debt slavery for Irelands younger generations.

The Housing Market is correcting to a point where people will no longer require state aid to afford shelter, we call on the Government to cease it’s attempts to thwart this badly needed correction.

I disagree to the extent that McWilliams et al may be themselves considered as “vested interests” by the public at large i.e, that they may be perceived as actively promoting a product or philosophy contingent on the current situation.

What the new campaign would seek to do is to give a voice to those who are not VIs; who are what might be described as “Divested Interests”, in the sense of “being deprived of rights or property”.

A new term for the 'Pin? DI’s.

Don’t fool yourself, I don’t think there’s any such thing as a someone who isn’t a vested interest. :cry:

From here on in we’re all going to be very interested in whether or not the Government decided to start Taxing us to help out the property tycoons.

Here is the archive copy starting with Frank Kilbride the Longford developer … rsday.smil
I hope thats not Frank Kilbride the FG COUNCILLOR ** … 55/ikey/23

I think it is and Derek continually drilled him on his many hats and conflict of interest… a developer councilor who presided over the private and public supply of housing what the fuck! :open_mouth:

Frank makes an interesting observation about emigration being rampant again ( in Longford ) its about 24 mins in . It was AFTER this that Derek mentioned he was a councillor as well.

"What happened to social housing "!?? said Derek.

Funding cut in Half in 2008 said Frank , same in other counties apart from Longford.

Great caller at 32 Mins, Joe in Cork with a tale of a Ghost Estate between Kanturk and Mallow with 45 houses bought by 7 specuvestors, all rented to builders building another ghost estate initially , now empty

…and then the woman who said " Ireland Is Built " at 35 mins .

What does that mean? I couldn’t be arsed listening to get the context…

I assume…as in no more houses(or shoeboxes) needed.

Hmmm… Reminds me of the Man United squad, circa Djemba-Djemba / David Bellion era…

Nevermind the quality, feel the depth (empties)…

A very well produced edition of liveline. How come it is never this good when Duffy does it?