Liveline Wednesday Sep 9th

Just got a mail from the Irish Peoples Union - I’ve just sent a few mails to Joe. Will be interesting to see if sufficent numbers of folks act to get this on the great man’s agenda!

I hope the mails to Joe give a bit more detail than your post. :wink:

What’s it all about?

OK…there’s a march on this weekend. Saturday to be exact. It’s a general protest against a government policy to set up a body titled the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA).

The Irish Peoples Union are one of the main organisers of the protest this weekend. There’s also a facebook group. Also, there’s a section of the property pin devoted to NAMA. A sticky has been created where forum members can discuss the upcoming march.

The Irish Peoples Union seem to want to get airtime on Liveline today to promote the upcoming protest and perhaps to counter some of the recent government spin on NAMA. The mail above was sent to the membership of this group in order to get a critical mass contacting liveline today to ensure the issue is raised on the show.

I posted this mail on the pin in order to give notice to those who may be interested in contacting liveline to get the issue on today’s program. Also, some folks may want to listen into the program to hear any discussion on the issue that may take place.

I sent them an email earlier. Any news of whether it was mentioned at all?


  1. meet at the Garden of Rememberance
  2. The great Leader will address the crowd
  3. Sing the international.
  4. March like you’ve never marched before.

Don’t know Leonard…I sent a few mails and listened to the 1st 30 minutes or so but literally couldn’t take any more of it. Joe Duffy is an idiot of epic proportions.

Joe waffled on about TIT (tallaght Inst tech) giving flyers out with Ulster bank for strippers or something… he is a class A buffoon who I bet has a mug with a picture of bertie on it, i would love to break it over his fking head, (wow i get really wound up thinging of bertie and joe…)

I half listened to it, no mention whatsoever…that Ulster Bank thing had someone calling for people to move their bank accounts elsewhere…so incentivising students with a lapdance is immoral? Inappropriate yes, but I can think of a few more banks that have done something slightly more immoral in the past few years and there’s no-one on the airwaves calling for customers to move elsewhere…This country is FUBAR