Living in Dalkey in late 20s?



What do people feel about living in Dalkey in your late 20s? It’s obviously a lovely spot. Thinking about buying there in next year or two but worried about distance by taxi from city centre at weekends in particular and generally about living there when it seems much more suited to those more settled, with growing families, etc.?


Dart takes about 26 min into pearse, you wont be a whole lot quicker in a taxi, and as time passes your desire to be in town every weekend either wanes or the opportunities just arent there any more :laughing:

also, compared to most villages in Dublin, Dalkey itself has a pretty lively nightlife locally

that said if its nightlife you are after ranelagh is a better choice due to proximity to town etc


Late 20s? -I think you could get the number 8 tram from Sackville Street :slight_smile:


Get the DART.
It’s not a young person’s spot, but lovely nonetheless.


I think you’re more likely to have lived in Dalkey since the late 20s than moved there recently in your late 20s.

I agree with cyrusir that the nightlife is good on the weekend, though the average age would be significantly older and the younger pub-goers are likely to be much younger than late 20s (i.e. still living at home).

We’re in our late 30s with little kids (as have most of our friends) so have fewer and fewer reasons to get into town at night, but if it’s a 50:50 night out then the distance definitely becomes a deciding factor. I also find myself weighing up what to do if our destination isn’t near the Dart - if we’re in a hurry and don’t want to drive it means taxis in and out (and if wife is dressed up it’s a pretty short radius around Pearse St that’s considered and acceptable walking distance).


Have you thought about Dun Laoghaire? Slightly younger demographic because of the apartments and you can still nip into Dalkey as required.


Thanks for the responses! All very helpful! Who tends to buy there mostly would you say - people in their mid/late 30s/early 40s? Some houses are around the same price as more inland locations - Stillorgan/Deansgrange, etc. but some of those are not close to the DART, etc., - presumably same price because Dalkey is that bit further out.


with dalkey & killiney you will pay a premium for proximity to the sea (with views) and to the dart. Generally if you have one you will have the other.

In my experience looking at areas like stillorgan, blackrock and dalkey is that dalkey is more expensive in the parts that you want to in

like most desirable areas its generally young families buying in, mid to late 30s


Thanks, Cyrus! I was looking too at the area the other side of the DART - closer to the town side rather than Coliemore Road and it seemed to be on par with some properties in Stillorgan (but nowhere near the Luas). Anyway, depends on the property too of course.


I lived in Dalkey in my late 20s (not THAT long ago tyvm), and at various other stages of my life. The Dart is great, if you like to walk, wait, and walk again… nah objectively it’s a fantastic piece of infrastructure you really need to be near. I lived there at the same time as a group of friends who were local to the area and tbh it would have been a very different experience otherwise. Staring at my husband over a pint in the Queens… romantic walks to throw stones at Pat Kenny’s house…hmmm. We were into the local swimming, brunch, the usual. You will start to feel averse to town because it just that lil bit of a pain the hoop. (This may lead to regrettable local nightclub errors.) At least if there’s a few of you you can share a taxi, or someone will inevitably drive etc.

After a few short years from your late 20s though, especially if you have kids, all anyone is fit for is the Dalkey life, lol. Pottering around shops with expensive frou-frous and junkanalia, getting a “nice coffee”, buying speciality mustards, having a bit of a sit down :stuck_out_tongue:

Also somewhat unrelated I always referred to it as the Balls of Dublin cause it’s generally a few degrees colder than wherever you’ve come from.


this made me laugh out loud :mrgreen:


If the choice was the same house in Portobello with only difference being a much smaller garden, would you stay central for a few years at least? Trying to weigh up location/ease of getting to work versus nice village setting.


buy where you want to end up


Are you saying I should buy a brothel ? :open_mouth:


An undertakers…


Superb investments both…

Apparently. :nin


Catch them both coming and going, so to speak…


Thanks for the responses here in 2017! Ended up buying in early 18 and it’s been interesting. It’s fantastic and feels very safe and easy these days, four years older, with sea and so much within the 5km, but unless Bono’s Tramyard goes ahead there’s not much in the way of pubs or restaurants for anyone under 40ish!!


great place to live and the current situation has really brought that home.

and on the plus side there are no bars and restaurants anywhere for under 40s at the moment :smiley:

i like devilles and the dalkey duck, they get younger crowds.


Yes, indeed!

Devilles and The Duck are grand. Gilbert and Wright in Dun Laoghaire was great, but didn’t seem to get the trade in that location!