Living in Inchicore

After searching through this site and doing various google searches I was hoping that I could get some feed back on what parts of Inchicore are like to live. Such as Tyrconnell Road, Inchicore Road, Tyrconnell Park. Currently living in Rathmines and have taken a spin out to the area but was hoping to get some insight from people who have actually lived in the area. Apologies if I have already missed a thread covering this topic.

*Is it a decent area to live?
*Also my current job dictates that I may have to go abroad for months on end at times, Would there be any hassle in finding tenants to help with expenses if needed?
*Would there be any more desirable streets/estates/areas to live close by?


I have lived in Kilmainham for a long time its a fine area.
Tbh inchicore can be hit and miss, I would concentrate around the bulfin estate area if I was you.
I would personally avoid the terrace houses around ring street etc…had a friend who lived there and hated area lots of anti social stuff going on.

+1 for Bulfin Estate… good area. CIE estate is also great. Have less experience of the areas you mention.

I lived in inchicore for 4-5 yrs in rosedale appt beside tyrconnell street, not a great place to live, had my motorbike stolen from underground parking, had few break inns etc,

Pros, Luas, close to city centre
Cons, Bad area, two many council estates,