Loadsa new office space - effect on commercial market?

Walking through D2/D4 before and after the match at the weekend I was struck by the amount of commercial property that looks like it will be coming on the market soon :

The new blocks at the old vet school site beside Jurys/Ballsbridge hotel
The old IBM building in Pembroke Rd which is being refurbished
The old Bank of Ireland building in Baggot St which is being refurbished
The old MOPS building in Herbert Street(?) which has never been let since they left
The new block being built on the old coal yard at the top of Haddington Road
Three blocks beside Smyths on Haddington road that are being refurbished

This seems like an awful lot of space to come on the market in a fairly short time frame - any of the folks who understand the commercial market have views on the effect this might have on the market?

They’ve also finished clearing the site of the old Hibernian building behind the Burlington - I don’t know whether that will be housing or offices. If it’s offices I would guess that they will be fairly substantial.

Is it really that much in the overall scheme of things? While a lot are “landmark” buildings they aren’t exactly massive

I guess refurbs/redevs were put on the long finger for few years and are now catching up with “natural” demand.

I’ve often thought the same . . . but there’s no sign of downward pressure on good commercial.
And you forgot the massive Lansdowne building is it? The one with the Israeli embassy in it. . . . empty for years apart from the mossad boys!

From first hand experience, and I’ve posted on this here previously, there is absolutely no shortage of available office/commercial space in and around the city. What in fact my experience showed (working with a US multinational to relocate their offices here) is a complete lack of willingness by EA’s and possibly owners to negotiate and recognise the realities of the market, even when confronted with vacant units that had been empty for months and even years (not only had we done our home work on potential locations, many of those we looked at hadn’t even been tarted up to remove signs of long term vacancy).

There’s no arguing that at the very niche top end of very large sized, high profile offices there is limited choice and availability (even though some as mentioned above are long term empties), but, then again, we don’t have very many multi-high hundred and multiple thousand employee organisation who want/need to house everyone in the same location. One of the few, Microsoft, is relocating its operations from a number of seperate locations around the Sandyford area to a proposed new purpose built campus in Cherrywood which will open a lot of available space in around the area when they vacate.

Blue Horseshoe

Massive overhang, should be downwards only rental agreements. One can carry their office around in their computer or mobile phone now. Working from home will only increase. Even multinationals are using staff, working from home. It is the way forwards, office space is pure madness. Rent, rates, public liability insurance, secretaries, reception etc, not the way forward in the high tech era, the profit margins are paramount, in the thinking process.