Locations in Reilly's constituency added to prim care list



This is what Roisin Shorthall referred to in her speach the other day when she said:


Not surprising. Ministers, like all TDs, must get results for their area, otherwise he won’t be re-elected.

Lookign forward to how Varadkar, as Minister for Transport, is going to spin ‘Sorry, for cancelling Metro North and Metro West’ to his Dublin West constituents.

He’ll prob get some roads resurfaced near election time.


Just curious - why would you be “looking forward” to Varadkar saying sorry for cancelling Metro North? It all happened nearly a year ago…here’s how he explained it at the time:
*“I only have about €200 million for transport improvements for the entire country for the next five years and Metro North would cost over €3,000 million. It is simply unaffordable. When it was being planned, the financial projections estimated that the economy would grow by 20% between 2007 and 2012. Instead, the economy has contracted by 20%. Hopefully that will change, the economy will recover, and the situation will be reviewed in 2015." *


The 3bn gross figure has been rubbished on other message boards. It would not cost that much and would be paid back over 30 years from the date it was completed, with feck all money required up front. Plus perhaps 50% or more of the gross cost would be ploughed back into the economy via wages, equipment, etc.

Discussed in length here
boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre … 7&page=114

Without getting into the whole MN can of worms, I meant it as a gesture towards the 2 major projects for his area were cancelled, despite him being in charge. We can say he didn’t have much choice and all that but the average voter, without the facts, may not see it that way.


I don’t know what sort of primary care facilities exist in swords already…maybe some users know? If this is the first proposed then I wouldn’t begrudge them, it’s an area that has experienced huge growth in the last few decades and it’s full of young families, different if it was some backwater with a population of 1500. Balbriggan and other north Dublin towns, rush, lusk and skerries have also experienced growth with mostly young families


Yeah, we need Primary Care pretty much everywhere in Ireland so I’m not going to crib over who gets it first


based on the description here:

the VHI Swiftcare Clinic is the nearest facility in Swords to a Primary Care Centre


Or put the National Pediatric Hospital in his constituency?
If i was a gambler id put money on this
Joan also not likely to object


How about a mobile paediatric hospital on a railway in his constituencies

Ahhhhhhhh think of the first preferences




Was thinking the same. Unfortunately nest feathering is to be expected in Irish politics. But he may have inadvertently made a pragmatic decision there. I guess it would be worse if he was from, say Clare, for arguments sake.

Personally though I don’t mind the idea of Shorthall taking swipes at him because I just can’t listen to Martin.


I don’t know who’s worse here. Shortarse has been in politics how long achieved f all. No achievements prior to politics either. Say what you like about O’Reilly but he kicked the HSE ass for the consultants, (unfortunately for the taxpayer). A pity he has yet to find his gamekeeper mojo


So where two other locations, which were deemed to have a greater priority for these care centres, bumped off the list? Seems to be a distinct lack of outrage in this thread at this blatant piece of stroke-pulling.

We must have a lot of posters from north county Dublin.


There had to be, wonder where they are?

I’m pretty outraged as is Shorthall, I haven’t much time for her (or any of them) but it makes her speach the other day a lot more clearer. Yes she pressed the button, she had to. I reckon she feels she can do more from within.

But she hung Reilly out to dry.


Nicely set up for the Sunday papers. This could be the end of him.


I understand that there was a list of (I think I heard) 30, his two were 34 and 35 on the long list and they bumped them up to 31 and 32 and are now building 32 in total

I’m not saying its not cute hoorism, I just think swords probably well deserves a centre regardless of who represents them


But the old #31 and #32 probably were deserving of them too.


According to the The Irish Times report:
irishtimes.com/newspaper/fro … 34058.html
it was a list of 30 that got expanded to 35 with Jimmy’s own Balbriggen and Swords jumping from 44th and 130th respectively. The other three were Darndale (43rd), Kilkenny city (150+) and Ballaghaderreen (200+).

So 31-35 got proper fucked.


I would have thought there are few enough votes in Darndale?
Kilkenny - Phil
Ballaghaderreen is in Roscommon?


The residents of Ballaghaderreen are geographically challenged.
They cannot seem to decide if they are in Mayo or Roscommon.

But yes the old #31 and #32 got screwed, I’d imagine it won’t be long before the towns in question get narky