Locations in Reilly's constituency added to prim care list


D’Oh !

Did anyone see him interviewed on RTE Six One? Standing beside a glass screen printed on which was www.doh .ie :laughing:

Was Roisin Shortall out removing the letter “c” from the website address on that screen last night? Please tell me it was her :stuck_out_tongue:


His explanation on News at 1 yesterday was interesting.

He said he increased the list from twenty (decided on the basis of penury in the area) to 35 to create more competition. He wants GPs to have to compete, effectively for the twenty places available, because there have been problems in the past with GPs not moving into the centres. I got the impression that work has progressed significantly in the two in his area, which would obviously give them a head start.

And he said it’s the perogative of the Minister to do exactly what he wants. Which should be interesting when he tries to to tell communities that they can’t keep their old folks homes because HIQA says so.

Slimeball in every respect.


But someone is always going to think of him as a slimeball. Me… not so much. As someone who is vocal about reform vis a vis CPA not delivering, while the rest of the gov from the taosieach down say CPA must be protected, it’s clear to me they are saying so to the detriment of patients. The rest of gov is basically saying fvck the patients protect the staff.
It’s not clear reilly’s buying votes, I need to look deeper into the merits of his decision.


Whatever about buying votes - which may be the unintended consequence if not the intention, he has wasted money on a process he clearly had no intention of adhering to. His behaviors has been less than transparent and he’s indicated he intends to be equally opaque in the future in exerting his ministerial perogative. No need for two junior ministers and definitely no need for a department. It’s Reilly’s way or the highway - yet he’s happy to hide behind reports, quangos and bureaucrats when it suits.


Reports coming in that Roisin Shorthall has resigned.

Edit, seems to be confirmed. Resigned as Junior health minister and the Labour party whip.


Confirmed as per Irish Times

irishtimes.com/newspaper/bre … ing52.html


Great, another 41k in leader’s allowances :neutral_face:


Well now, was she pushed because of her stance, meaning she hadn’t the backing of her party? Or did she go on principles? Hopefully her impending statement will be as clear (or at the very least,it hints) as her speach in the dail…


No pension?

Does not compute.

(Unless there are different rules for junior ministers?)


This has little or nothing to do with Reilly directly, or health policy and everything to do with internal Labour battles. If you have a problem with a politician in another party you don’t resign the whip. Seeds of this were sown the day this Dail opened and Ruairi Quinn demanded a cabinet place that Gilmore hadn’t planned on giving him.


Is the Labour party going to have a heave, Burton to make a move on Gilmore?


I understand that Shorthall’s plans to ban alcohol sponsorship of sports and music events (and to make alcohol much more expensive) was very unpopular in Government circles. I would guess that she encountered major resistance in pushing that one through and it could well have played a part in her decision.

(Saw her in the street recently and she has a scowl like nothing I’ve ever seen before.)


I’d imagine she’d have stayed within the party if that was a possibility. Even aside from that I can’t see where the appetite for a heave would come for in Labour at this point. No point in changing leadership without a massive shift in policy, and that would mean quitting government. If they did that now they’d be torched. (They could be torched anyway, but they’ll hold their old core voters if they keep doing what they are doing).


That was absolutely insane. Punishing people who drink in moderation by increasing the prices of the already most expensive alcohol in Europe.


Courtesy of broadsheet.ie


He should have just got up and sang this :slight_smile:




So Reilly says that under the original priority system both would have been in the top 35.

But according to the Irish Times, Balbriggan ranked 44th and Swords 127th, in a draft list compiled last June – before Ms Shortall ordered officials to increase the weighting attached to deprivation.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!!!


Reilly says other criteria were applied. Surely he should be able to supply a list showing the scoring of all the locations based on these “criteria”?? Then again wasn’t it all done orally in meetings with officals? For over 120 locations? That must have taken long time! He should be asked to immediately produce the list of all 140+ locations (including Mayo locations) with the weightings and scores marked against them. That will be some pain in the neck for him.

Reilly has pulled a stroke and everybody knows it. The media know it. FG know it. Labour know it. In fact, the whole country knows it - the media’s wisy-washy approach is not a cause ignorance on this point. The problem for the Cabinet, and anyone who aspires to be in Cabinet, is that if Reilly is called on this stroke then who will be next? Meanwhile, John O’donoghue openly claims responsibility for building the sports complex in Killarney!

Seriously though, this incident illustrates clearly that FG and Labour have no interest, desire or willigness to engage in the kind of political reforms necessary to avoid more mis-administration and ultimately disasters down the line. There was a golden opportunity for reform after the last election. What do we get offered? Cutting 8 TDs and abolishing the Seanad.

The Reilly incident illustrates the cancer of clientelism inherent in our political structures and the fact that FG and Labour are standing by him is sickening. Our democratic institutions are simply not fit for the complex realities of the twenty first century in a western country with a large urban population.


I have come across people like Reilly many times in managing programme of work for various organisations. He is a spoofer, a fraudster and a blusterer: lots of words, talks a good game and seems competent at first because he coherently articulates a superficially and initially attractive and apparently reasonable vision. He manages to convince some people of his abilities and the merit of what he says. But his is all ideas like a manic depressive on a high. When it comes to delivery he generally gets found out as all his ideas unravel. He cannot be pinned down to specifics: it is like trying to nail jelly to the wall. The target is always moving. You cannot have a rational argument with him. But nothing is ever his fault. There are always very good reasons why failures have happened that are never his responsibility: from failed land deals to failed nursing home deals to judgements being registered against him for failure to make payments to hospital budget overruns to changes in primary care centre locations. He is never accountable or responsible. He externalises his incompetence. He leaves chaos behind him as he moves on to his next big idea. Reilly can never and will never achieve anything of substance or merit.

However, just because Reilly is a fool does not mean that the wee sour-pussed, control-freak Shortall should be beatified. Her smug, I-know-best attitude so characterises the left. Her histrionic gesture in resigning is pointless posturing that will achieve the nothing it deserves.


I think you’ve describe almost every politician in Ireland with those two broad strokes…