Locations in Reilly's constituency added to prim care list


How f@*king difficult is it to do things properly?

I have visions of idealists like George Lee setting out in the pursuit of truth and justice…walking down a corridor in Leinster House and being blindhooded and abducted and then being subjected to a Clockwork Orange type series of torture being repeatedly told that ‘this is the way it works and you’re not going to change it’, I think George escaped just before the abduction




surely this contradicst Brian Hayes …
Yesterday morning on Newstalk he said that “he listened very carefully to what James Reilly said when he brought his proposals to cabinet” and Brian Hayes said everything was explained.
If Reilly explained everything at the cabinet meeting,
why is it that Leo the lion, impotent Inda nor Gilbore could explain it to the media?

Brian Hayes has just gone down in my estimation.
Does anyone thing that Brian Hayes is now a lying deceiving piece of shit?


Think that actually describes a vast majority of people in Irish officialdom, be they old school professionals, TD’s, union heads or otherwise. What I cant figure out is whether Reilly and his ilk are sociopaths/narcissists who give not one fcuk about things like morals, the greater good etc. in which case their behaviour is pathalogical or whether they have worked out Ireland is the land of where no one appears to be in charge where you are never called to account and all you need is some form of official qualification or affiliation and a brass neck and you can pretty much get away with anything.


He managed to deliver for the hospital consultants when head of the IMO though, didn’t he?

Personally I wouldn’t judge any politiicans ability by what they do in the Dept of Health. It is beyond control.


Have you visited many other democracies?


By and large I don’t judge politicians on ability. Many decisions are the product of advisers and PR men. I do, however, judge them on moral and ethics, and on this alone Mr Reilly is of a questionable standing.

I come from a FF family background. Here’s the stroke list I can recall

  • 1 x uncle bumped up a waiting list for cardiac consultant ultimately leading to a, shall we say, timelier, bypass (direct TD contact locally)
  • 2 x grandparents going from hospital straight to public nursing home (their local TD - “shure no bother, aren’t they Fianna Fail voters all their lives”)
  • 1 x brother’s (sub 1k) hospital bill vanishing
  • 1 x contract -> permanency in public sector, 1 month after a failed interview for that role (less said about this the better)
  • 3 x council house leapfrogging

There’s a lot of smaller things, and a couple of things that would say too much.

Got a call from a family member at the last election “Such and such really needs your vote, he’s done a lot for us”, to which I answered “That’s precisely why I won’t vote for him, oddly enough”.

That’s extreme to say the least, but I think we need to move on from this type of thing, and Reilly is a bad echo of the past.


Couldn’t agree more. In any respectable democracy he would be gone. Full stop end of.


Admire the candidness of the post, it illustrates the problem we have, stuck in a task/reward loop that enforces bending of rules to get re-elected. It is this mindset that a TD is there to curry favour for his constituents that ensures that difficult decisions are never made. It further debases the job of TD as not adhering to any notion of creating a better society, greater good etc. African democracy minus the weather and the white military outfits!


This is what happens when you give legislators executive power.
But in a broader sense there is too much mania about “The System” I think. What got us into this is a fear of a system which does not take into account all relevant factors.

Do you think that how your grandparents lived their life, whether they led respectable lives, caused no trouble to others, were good christian people, should be taken into account by how The System treats them. I think it should. Systems that purport to aim for fairness can be very unfair in outcomes.


Fair point.


And that is the root. Along with the general ignorance in the electorate of how a political system needs to work.


Yes but we expect a basic level of ethics which is obviously lacking.

Interesting possible future path for the country now.

Fine Gael/Labour are obviously now showing themselves to be liars, incompetents and vision-free and are still living in the past. They will become increasingly unpopular with the electorate if a series of harsh budgets ensue. The only thing that could save them at the next election will be if the German establishment bow to QE’ing our way out of trouble via the ESM or whatever. Increasing difficulties in Greece and Spain may of course force their hand on this but its by no means a given.

If QE with accompanying debt relief does not occur then the next election could see all current middle parties hated. Sinn Fein will try to move to the middle but we are more likely to see a raft of independents elected in such a scenario.

The more I think about it the more the idea of a United Federal Europe appeals to get away from all these pygmies.

If such a federal union occurs as a price for QE then perhaps by 2116 we might have grown up politically and be ready to stage another revolution to gain independence from it, as the European Empire will inevitably turn out to be too Big Brother for our tastes. Or maybe we will never mature.


Irish people have short memories, except when it comes to the Civil War. The next election will see a resurgence of FF – “Ah sure they weren’t any worse that the current shower” as people forget how they raped the country.

We do need a new political party.


Who is this we? Might be the people on the pin and the better educated that value that, but most think that a TD looking after his own backyard is a TD doing his job.

The future is going to look a lot more like the past than exercised people on message boards think.

Appeals to me too but it is no panacea. This place is never going to be Luxembourg-on-sea.

hush or you bring the crazies flocking to the thread

Immature is quite pejorative. We have a mature democracy. There has been no major change in about 7 decades - that is the hallmark of maturity. And no prospect of it changing. (Granted these things tend to be sudden and unpredictable).


I would say we do need new political parties (plural)

IMO there is a huge vacuum that a new right of center party could occupy, minus civil war baggage and “loyal” backbenchers who’ll back the leader on the off chance of a junior ministry and/or bypass


Nobody remembers the civil war. It is a lazy misconception. There are FF families and FG families, but it has nothing to do with the civil war at this stage. Personally I don’t believe a new political party has any prospect of success, because contrary to all you hear, people are pretty content and turned off by the prospect of change. And if you don’t believe that, just look at what has happened in the past 4 years - Operation Keep Things As They Are. Anyone who thinks that this is driven by some inner circle and contrary to public demand isn’t paying attention.


I think that the floating vote voted for change in the last election. They haven’t got it and I don’t think they will go back to FF. It will be interesting to see where this increasing section of the vote will go if they want change again at the next election. As I said previously I think that if things stay the same it will go to Independents and small start up/splinter parties. Cue chaos/opportunity.


FF & FG families are FF & FG families due to grand parents/great grand parents civil war allegiance so while the link is quite spurious at this stage the link is based on the civil war

I somewhat agree with this sentiment, all the No votes for European referendums suddenly becoming Yes were people’s attempts to pull us back to 2006. Voting No didn’t work maybe voting Yes will. People also talk of a “swing to the left” with the rise of SF & the ULA. I think it’s a case of moving from the party who of easy answers (FF) who’ve failed to provide easy solutions to the next crowd pedaling easy answer

However I would still like a new party so that I can vote for a party with principals even if they are politically irrelevant (if no such party/individuals appear on my ballot paper I will spoil as things now stand). I think there is dissent within the electorate, enough to elect independents rather than mainstream party politicians but not enough to get real change


However, what’s the point in voting for Independents and small parties if you want change? Only parties with a realistic prospect of forming a government can effect change, no matter what they promise on the doorstep. That’s why we have a party system in the first place. So far, I still don’t see FG being as fatally damaged as FF. That could well change come election time. For now I predict we will get more of the same.