Locations in Reilly's constituency added to prim care list


I am predicting this, I don’t think I said it would be a good thing. It would be a ragbag of Independents offering change but with a load of different ideas how to effect this as I agree with others here that a major new party is unlikely to emerge in time for the next election. It could well start to do so though if there is chaos after the next election (or unless of course we are in a Federal Europe by that stage!).


No offence, but I’ve a huge issue with this. Its short term thinking that turns 70 years into 14 repeats of the same 5yr episode of wheres-me-roundabout.

If there’s any chance of change it’ll take time and it won’t need a new party / logo / whatever (thats just theater)

If you want change then I’d suggest

  • vote for any party (it won’t matter in the long term)
  • don’t vote for anyone over 35 (they are not worrying about your future)
  • don’t vote for anyone who’s done more than 1 term in the dail (or has managed to make an idiot of themselves in one)
  • repeat every election

stick to this and change is inevitable



At one level I take your point. The joy of proportional representation is that you can take a punt on a nobody and still not waste your vote if they don’t get elected. However, what’s the point in electing a bunch of random individuals unless they run on a joint manifesto, and if they do that they are a party in all but name. The question then is whether they are fielding enough candidates to have a chance of forming a government.


Finally got to listen to the Shortall interview - rte.ie/news/2012/0929/shorta … html#audio

I was relieved to hear that it is not only me who considers the Minister’s approach to the health system to be totally incoherent. I was further relieved (on a personal level only) to hear that I am not th eonly person who got the impression that Reilly was moving towards american style privatised health care managed by insurers, rather than the system promised by FG before and after the election. The Junior Minister in the Dept for Health got the sam eimpression. She also felt he had left a number of critical money saving intiatives drift.

How can Kenny hang on to this guy?

Why did the Labour leadership abandon shortall? Is the deal that each party controls the Departments where that party has the minister and Ministers of State are just on a jolly being paid to keep their mouths shut? Was Labour worried about making compromises in Education?


They won’t of course, the point is you can’t expect a ready-made new party to appear in one term thats not full of disaffected ex-F*/Lab or dissonent-independents (who hold several conflicting world views at the same time)

If you want change you need to play a long game, realise that good people can end up in any party and try to weed the bad out by focussing your vote (and those of your peers) on candidates whose long terms goals are aligned with yours and have not been subsumed into the existing system.

From my perspective that means candidates who are young enough to want a sustainable government not to keep the pyramid going for one more cycle, new enough to not be too close to the permanent government and ignorant enough to be willing to embark on significant changes.



Just when the noise over the Ballbriggian sight was quietening, up step Sin Fein and asks Gilmore why Reilly met NAMA on April 20th to discuss Balbriggan sites.

Reilly discussed Balbriggan as location for primary care centre with NAMA

So a man that had no hard act or part in the selection of Ballbriggian sites, was lobbying NAMA who owned the sites, about the sites and their availability, before the sites were selected.

Sinn Fein TD’s must have been practicing a bit of chess.
I have a sneaking feeling that they know a lot more that they are letting on.



AFAIK the Shinners simply got it from Namawinelake.


The trap has been set and Reilly has stepped right into it.

From Namawinelake:


Update on Primary Care Centres in Ireland