Loftus Hall, Fethard-On-Sea, Co. Wexford (-1600k, -84.2%)

Anyone know what the story is with this auld pile? Loftus Hall.

Apparently it was sold in 2008 after failing to attract even a single bid in auction. And the rumoured buyer was the devil himself, Bono Vox, or not.

I assume he didn’t buy it, given that it’s still on the market.

Here’s a link to Tarquin Blake’s excellent Abandoned Ireland site for pictures and history. It is sad to think that another piece of our heritage is set to crumble back into the earth.

Link to Wikipedia for further reading.

This place would really suit my needs.

An interesting take on a perennial chore: … 050329842/

Would make for an interesting WIW. :smiley:

Let me see Avg Wage x 3 = circa, 100k.
Add 50000 for each extra bedroom. (19x50k) 950k
Add 10000 for each extra bedroom. (11x10k) 110k

Totals, 1.16million.

Less a bit for have crap local amenities, no luas, etc, 8)

Some of the history on the wiki page makes for grim reading.
Didn’t particularly like this bit
“The Redmond family built the original building in about 1350 during the time of the Black Death.”

Some thoughts…

63 acres of excellent land @ 12k/ acre, 750k. Might be a bit pessimistic, but it’s hard to give the property any financial value.

Uses? Hotel? No, too many hotels. Nursing home? Meh. Too many hotels. Private residence? If not Bono, then who has the ego to fill it?

Restoration costs? 27,000 sq ft at 200 euro/ft, 5.4 million euros. Probably get it done for 4 million with economies of scale. Landscaping works etc etc… 250k? Total cost (.75+4+.25) 5 million euros.

There are so many big beautiful houses available for 2-3 million, so I can’t see it happening.

The state should ensure that the owners of these heritage properties do the necessary works to preserve them from further decay. 100k would weather this place for 10 years, but instead it’ll be a collapsed heap of rubble.

It would make an ideal “Haunted Hotel”

For this kind of thing

Yes indeed, or a new Hell Fire clubhouse. Shame our best days of drunken debauchery are behind us… :frowning: I wish I still had the memories…

The local authorities are empowered to do this under the protected structure section of the Planning and Development Act.

Whether they follow through on that is another matter.

The Irish Heritage Trust established in 2006 was to act as a kind of National Trust for Ireland regarding historic buildings. … rynav=home

Due to budget cuts their work is seriously curtailed now: … 35077.html

Asking price of €1.85m … Region=any

Based on real & direct experience, around 1m will fix it up, and another 1m to fit it out. It would have a viaable future as a unique country house hotel.

Based on real and direct experience, 27000 sqft will not be restored to original condition incorporating modern upgrades and convieniences for 37 euro per square foot.


It can be done, and has been done, in 06 , fully certified etc/

Can be done for less now.

I reckon I could do Loftus hall for less than a mil.


Not a chance! Maybe I’m wrong, and I’d be interested in seeing the assumptions you’re working on, but it’s clear that the valleys have failed.

Let’s imagine for a second that the valleys hadn’t failed. Imagine that the roof just needs to be reslated. Imagine that the lime plasterwork is perfect, the ceilings are perfect, the covings, the panel work, no compaction in saturated brickwork, no rotting joists, no woodworm, no dry rot, no rising damp. Imagine that the floors are grand, the skirting, the architraves, doors and all the rest.

So…, strip out and dispose of existing crap, non-original structures, finishes etc etc… and an optimistic amount of remedial work. 80k?

Now…, wire it (50k?) plumb it (40k?), new heating system including very large oil boiler, heatpump and lots of radiators (120k?). And necessary remedial works to floors, walls, etc (30k)? Total of 240k?

Now replace the windows. Traditional weighted sliding sash windows. 100 of them (at least) Including remedial works to shutters, walls etc 250k?

Renewal/installation of suitable sewage/waste treatment. 30k?

Reslating the roof, assuming reuse of 70% of existing slates. new batons, felt etc… 60k?

Scaffolding. 15k?

Exterior cleaning and repairs, including repairs to chimneys. 25k?

11 Bathrooms @ 6k each. 66k?

Painting and decorating. 40k?

Not far off a million before professional fees and project managment. AND that’s not upgrading the insulation of the building’s walls with breathable calcite board, without insulating the roof space or ground floors, AND before fire alarm system, fire escapes, lifts, commercial kitchen, AND that’s assuming the house is in near perfect condition. The photographs show that the valleys have failed, so this is definitely not the case. The entire interior may actually have to be re-done. In fact I’d guess that at least 50% of the building would have to be taken back to brickwork. AND there may be structural problems, dry rot, wood worm etc etc. Of course it’s impossible to tell without seeing it, and a proper professional survey by a conservation architect would be required.

(All just my own opinions, and not to be used instead of proper advice.)

And then there’s the hole in the ceiling through which the devil disappeared after his playing partner discovered his cloven hooves when she bent down to pick up a fallen card. Local legend has it that the hole can never be repaired.

Cost: one mortal soul?

Loads of photos of the place here: … 670380437/

I’ll give €10 to anyone who tries the mayonnaise is the last few piks :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of those shots brought back memories of wandering around inside Kenure Park in Rush in the mid 70’s. Even in a state of disrepair (nothing too serious) still the most beautiful Regency house I’ve ever been in. Demolishing that house was an act of pure vandalism.

I remember at the time of the demolition of Kenure talking to Mrs Cobbe of Newbridge House about this act of desecration. She was resigned to Newbridge eventually falling into the hands of the same gurriers who were in the process of destroying Turvey, which at the time was still a very fine house inside even though the new owners were actively trying to turn the house into a ruin as quickly as possible so as to have a few additional acres to build shoe boxes on.

At least with Newbridge the council finally did the right thing and saved it for posterity. And did a great job of retaining the charms of the place when it had been a family home. Pity they closed acces to the Norman hunting lodge. There was a fantastic view across the demesne from the tower on the top.

Got my first job there as a barman back in the late 80’s. Used to be a lock-in haunt for local politicians and on-duty gardai and lighthousekeepers from the Hook down the road. After the hotel was shut down it was used as a residence by the former owner’s wife and her many canine companions - hence the state of the place. It made a good bit of cash from the discos run in the function room at the back during the late 80’s and early 90’s when drink driving was completely legal and safe. A great spot for getting a few pint bottles of Guinness and an unprovoked beatin’.

I’m no expert but I’d say you’d need a damn sight more than a million to put on a new roof and replace rotten timbers and ceilings and restore the old features. The staircase in there was imported from Italy. It’s some sort of a wonder because it was fitted together without using nails. When I worked there architects and the like used to travel from all over Europe to see it.

Thanks for the photos and the trip down memory lane. I forgot I used to survive on those pink snack bars when I was serving our eminent public representatives and gardai whiskey until the sun came up.

Very sad to see such a property decaying like this, I guess it’s getting destroyed internally as most of those ceilings look rotten. If you look at the Abandoned Ireland website you will see there are so many amazing buildings gradually disappearing. Castleboro and Coolbawn in Wexford are stunners…but in absolute bits. I guess it’s a good thing that this house is on the market as hopefully the new owner will refurbish it. But what price do you put on this thing? I guess 1mm euros approx was the 2008 price. The problem is getting finance for the renovation would be extemely difficult and Ireland is now flooded with loss making 5 star hotels.

One of the other issues is the sheer size of the place, it’s just too big for domestic use. Plus it’s not the pretiest period house, certainly not when compared against Coolbawn.