Log cabin property -where to build?

Hi All,

First time posting here - question on behalf of my sibling. Are there any such residential parks in Ireland/Dublin area preferably where someone can buy/rent land and build one of those log cabin type houses?

You can build whatever kind of house you want on your own land - provided you get planning permission of course, and that it complies with building regulations etc.

There are various log cabin type holiday home parks around Ireland - I doubt whether there are any dedicated parks for permanent log cabin dwellings. And I don’t think renting land and building a house on it is an option. Others might have better information.

Any got further information on this? Anyone able to present a clear outline of the existing planning laws with relation to temporary structures, ‘mobile’ homes etc? This is where the Irish housing crisis is going so this information would probably be a good resource for people.

I see lots of mobile homes parked on the side of the road throughout the country. It must have been real hard to get PP for these!

Full planning permission applies to such structures. The buying of any site, obtaining planning permission and construction is a lengthy process and requires the help of professionals. I personally dont know of many log cabin structures apart from the occasional golf course. They all have to meet the fire safety standards. Im guessing but there are unlikely to be many in the Dublin area, most that i know of are located in small towns in the west and border counties.

Thanks all. the cabins are becoming popular in larger gardens to provide extra living space / independent living type of set ups. They are fully self contained. Here’s a sample of what we’ve been looking into beaverlogcabins.ie/product/log_cabin_310/ If we had garden space i’d happily suggest it but no room unfortunately.
Appreciate the replies.

There’s one of these near me.
google.ie/maps/@52.6220751, … !1e1?hl=en
I think all he had to do was build a normal foundation with the usual utilities. Very snug house.

daft.ie/waterford/bungalows- … rd-737540/

spotted this for sale;

massive log (i.e. solid logs) house unlike some of the others

Search Honka house in Ireland for similar - usually bigger