Login session timeout


Has anyone else noticed that they have to sign in very frequently on the pin? I just had to sign in for the second time today: pretty sure that in the past I used to go for weeks without signing in.
I’m using Chrome Version 29.0.1547.65 if that’s relevant.


Me too. I’m using Chrome 29.0.1547.76

I also find that after I login I have to refresh to see unread markers.


I’ve noticed the same thing today using Safari.


Blame the NSA.


Noticed the same in Chrome for Mac. Interestingly, my iPhone doesn’t have the same issue, which I can’t fathom. If the server was churning sessions quickly, it would affect both. I’ve been assuming it was my browser…


+1 Mantissa


I’m going to guess someone turned on some server-side PHP page caching and it’s not quite working as expected.


Ah, not quite. Looks like someone put an nginx reverse proxy cache in front of the site and it’s not fully tuned up yet, and so expiring pages and sessions weirdly. Or possibly it’s multiplexing to two backends and the stickiness isn’t working properly (ie it’s using IPs rather than cookies to multiplex).

Am I getting warmer??


Apologies for bumping a zombie thread, but maybe better than starting a new topic:

Have been having issues for the last week or so on PC Laptop in Firefox of having to log in every few minutes, sometimes each time I hit ‘Board Index’ or for example ‘Sell Buy or Rent’ at the end of a thread.

Anyone else experiencing issues like this? Have cleared cookies etc and restarted Firefox but still happening.

(Another example - got dumped out and had to re-login just to post this XX XX )


Are you private browsing? The session cookie is what keeps you logged in, I believe, so if you are private, that won’t be stored.


No, not private browsing, but thanks for the reply. Of course since posting it hasn’t happened :blush:

Wondering if it’s my UPC box but it’s not happening with Gmail etc…

edit: spoke too soon, straight after posting I got kicked out again


Maybe you got banned? :smiling_imp:

Was just about to say Firefox is fine at this end … then I got a connection timeout trying to reply. Just a glitch though. Still stayed logged in fine.


Any chance the clock on your computer is wrong? Date off?


Maybe secretly banned! Clock is fine, thanks for replies, I’m guessing UPC may be the culprit after all, they usually are.


One other thing would be to clear cache and do CTL-F5 to get a fresh copy of the site. I have a vague memory of this happening some years ago to me. Because it was some years ago, I’ve no idea what I did to fix it, sorry!

Here’s something from FF help that sounds similar: support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1012784
It only really has the things that are suggested above!
stripping t
I doubt it’s the connection, but it could be - UPC messing around with session keys maybe? Or using their own proxy?


Thanks Yogan, your mention of proxies rang a bell and I checked and had forgotten to log out of Hola :nin , didn’t effect any other logins but maybe that’s it… :blush: :blush: :blush:


It means the NSA is monitoring you. Act natural.


:angry: :angry: :angry:


Anyone else having problems staying logged into this site? It requires me to log in (and enter a “CAPTCHA”) each time I visit.
I also can’t keep PP notification emails out of my spam bin.

Anyone have any solutions to this? :bulb:

Same problem on both Google Chrome on Windows 10 and Android 7 Nougat.


Are you in Ireland, not using proxies?