London has popped.


More likely to read “22% Fall in Dublin Property Prices ONLY A BLIP (Get In Now With The Smart Money)”

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:unamused: sighs
Dublin City is such a travesty in so many ways.


With Generation Rent comes Generation Landlord. It is the fastest growing type of self employment job in the UK. - -> … 7457478656


Joiners! Is there a boom in decking or something?


It’s all those busy property managers married to entertainment managers, spending a lot of time working away from home, employing cleaners, and getting desks made for their privately tutored kids. :mrgreen: :-GC


Buy-to-let investors to challenge tax hike in court - -> … court.html

Tom Cruise selling UK home --> … ng-UK-home

Britain for sale: £8 trillion, or nearest offer - -> … offer.html


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Shockingly good idea. Anyone know what the catch is?


I think the catch is that it’ll NEVER be implemented like this.
And if it is, there will be set of loopholes left unrestricted so as to allow business-as-usual to continue.
I can’t imagine the Tories fully implementing a system that would in any material way hamper the activities of the extremely wealthy. But, let’s see.

I’ve a feeling this is just to settle down the media focus on this area. Move along. Nothing to see here.


Penned by Dave ‘Panama Beneficiary’ Cameron.
I’m with FTBer on this one.


Exactly, who still has faith in any politician to deliver on their promises. The whole system is a farce!


No doubt a lot of companies will be controlled by An Others, IP Freelys etc…


Isn’t there an Anti-corruption conference coming up in London? A nice warm fuzzy statement like this provides some moral authority to it’s author just in time for said conference.
All ignored and quietly forgotten about when all is over


Simon Kuper usually writes on soccerball; but always worth a read

tl dr; London’s an expensive shithole


It certainly is! Never understood the appeal of the living in the UK, apart from its surprisingly nice countryside, the cities are miserable!


It’s all about jobs & future job prospects.


Luxury flat developers turn to discounts as London sales slow - via @FT


“Such deals are reducing developers’ margins by about 4 percentage points on “prime” homes costing £1,350-£3,499 per square foot, and 7 percentage points on “super prime” homes priced above that, according to data from Arcadis, a building consultancy.”

Dublin is not London - when prime property changes hands for between €1750 to €4500 per sq ft. (Super prime costs more).


The London property market is doomed, doomed I tells ya

*Yes, yes, we know, people will keep buying property in London no matter the price, no matter the Brexit, no matter the sheer insanity of it all.

But, there’s a credible bear case to be made that regulatory and tax changes in the buy-to-let market — known colloquially as the ‘evil landlord’ sector — are about to prick what has become a very sizeable bubble.

Last week, Deutsche Bank analysts Oliver Reiff and Markus Scheufler made that case over about 70 pages, arguing that for any rational investor, the economics of buying London property have been hammered.* … -tells-ya/