London has popped.


Will be fascinating to see the Brexit fallout here.


House building shares getting crucified in particular.


London’s elite ‘pushed out of exclusive postcodes by super rich’ - -> … super-rich

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Basically modern tenements


That is absolutely, definitely not hyperbole.

One of my main memories of reading about 19th century tenements was how the cinema rooms were always over subscribed.


They’re more or less student halls.

As an aside, to me “tenement” suggests something like the Glasgow or Edinburgh examples, which are decent, high density urban housing, much like the Iveagh Trust flats in Dublin, in both layout and atmosphere. I keep having to remind myself that the word has different associations here.


Yeah it’s like a “trolley” instead of “a bed with wheels”. Even if it’s functionally fine the term attracts outrage.


Once stuff like fire safety is taken care of , there is nothing wrong with living in very small places.

All of these attitudes are just snobbery.


As long as the price is right, if not then it’s desperation or stupidity.


So people should not be free to make their own mistakes?


By that logic, people should be free to borrow and lend without state interference. If a borrower in an unstable job can find a lender willing to lend him 12 times his salary, based on forward earnings from rent-a-room, the central banks shouldn’t intervene, because it’s important for people to be free to make their own mistakes.

I’m just saying that, outside the USA, people don’t really accept that kind of philosophy **as a guide to real-world rule-making **any more. We look at schoold shootings and economic implosions and go “wow, when a tiny minority of people make the same mistake, they can end or ruin the lives of massive numbers of people around them”.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing people to wreck their own lives. The problem comes when this sets off a chain reaction which wrecks many other peoples lives. People who had no input into the life-wrecking decision.

And the laissez-faire approach doesn’t even account for the fact that the world is now industrialised and highly crowded. When Adam Smith and David Ricardo were plying their ideas, the world was overwhelmingly agricultural and lit by candles. When economic collapses occurred because people were free to make mistakes, unemployed workers could get agricultural work because machines weren’t good enough yet to entirely replace human labour economically.


£1,100 per month or €1,300 thanks to a 20% fall in sterling :slight_smile:


. … erty-sales


Is anyone surprised if London has popped? - what a mess!


yeah population density is better for business, the rich get richer and the average person lives in ever more crowded cities in smaller and smaller places - sound great

yeah it`s just snobbery :imp:


Yes, Just keep on stuffing them in!


Marginally worse than the coffin boxes in Hong Kong, if the Brits weren’t so snobby they could aspire to this


These things don’t happen overnight! It happens so gradually that nobody shouts stop

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