London has popped.


Big variations across London, many lower-cost areas increased, pricier areas dropped but Kensington is up.

Still, oligarchs won’t like this headline in their favourite property supplement: … -recession


And :laughing: from me too.


London popped about 3 years ago.


May I kindly refer you to the start of this very thread - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=62705 :angry:


So are we seeing an example for a “soft landing” here?


The drops are getting droppier.


The drooops are getting drooooopier?


UK homeowners moving far less often than in the past

Estate agents worst nightmare as fewer properties on the market mean fewer sales.


Stamp duty and Brexit ‘have killed London market’, says Rics report.


That report doesn’t factor in the latest and biggest threat to premium London real estate … 1521798378

And don’t assume the Yanks won’t use this weapon against e.g. Chinese billionaires.


London house prices falling at fastest rate in nine years, says Halifax


It seems the Malaysian owners don’t want to hold it too long more: they recently sold a stake for a cash injection to finish the development and now there are fears of a glut in the vicinity. … 972418fec4 … d59aace167

It seems that one London borough is building more new homes than this entire State. :nin

#173 … average-uk


Also international real estate dealers do not recommend London as a good place for foreign investments anymore. it doesn’t look good for the economy of the city. All this rich foreigners who were looking for a apartments and houses in London before now will go to Spain or Greece, cause their markets look more profitable :frowning: This article is a proof … y-in-2018/


Trying to lure investors with the prospect of rent increases in the UK, but no calculations to back it up. … stors.html

When it takes 38 years rent to buy a property, even a 3% fall in house prices will wipe out an entire year’s rental income. … rent-ratio

Couldn’t happen here of course because the demand will always outstrip supply. :imp:

In fact, it’s the opposite of what happened here in the boom years when rents failed to rise but BTL landlords consoled themselves with “it’s all about the capital gain” . Until one fine day, it wasn’t.


Massive plunge for UK property prices … -stagnate/


That story seems to have been pulled, any other links?



No “massive plunge” - the report shows mixed results among UK regions.

Still, the London market remains weak with no sign of recovery in demand while nationally there have been 16 straight months of sales declines. … erty-wanes … o-heat-up/


Luxury London homes being sold in bulk as demand drops … 71d5404543 via @financialtimes