London: it's cheaper to live in Spain and commute every day … -barcelona

I saw that, wasn’t impressed with it, …because I’m in the process of moving to London! Thankfully I’m headed for the sticks of London, because those numbers are crazy

Very interesting article, but I have just one comment Les Corts is not an upmarket district. It is a nice working class neighborhood, but it isnt upmarket. So I am not sure how this compares with West Hampstead.

the flights aspect only worked in low season [November] too…

Reading the article (can’t read the blogpost) it was a 3 bed unit in Spain vs a 1 bed in London.

Doesn’t really make sense logistically.

You would have to leave Barcelona on the first flight at 6:40. Assuming you live near the airport, you would have to leave at about 5:40. Arrives into London Standstead at 8:10. You would be hard pushed to make it into your office in central London for 9:30.

Returning, the flight is at 18:10. So you would need to leave the office at about 16:00. Arrives into Barcelona at 21:25, so you would be home just after 22:00.

The above is assuming no delays. I remember doing a flight to Frankfurt once a week for a couple of years. About 50% of the time, there would be a delay somewhere along the route…

He’s a “social media manager”.

Even if currently well paid I’m guessing the work week isn’t too demanding in this role, he can probably show up when he shows up. Just make the critical Twitter or Facebook decisions on the tube.

London does seem to be the destination of choice for jobs that are highly paid but could be done by an intern.

I get annoyed with stuff like this because they are beyond stupid. The premise is non-generalisable because there is a bottle neck called available airline tickets the cost of which is on a continuum rather than fixed.

If it’s not generalisable then any headline implying it’s true or generalisable is misleading. One specific case does not mean 8 million Londoners can de camp to somewhere with better weather and cheaper food.

Probably better to compare somewhere served by eurostar, that brings you to pretty much central London. Probably do-able a few times a week and pretty reliable. Paris probably too expensive, not sure about the burbs

A few years back I did Dublin-London like this for 9 months, except I flew out on Monday and back on Thursday and stayed in the cheapest hotels.

Whatever about costs, it wasn’t fun. There’s something essentially grim about sitting in an enclosed tube full of snoring men in slighty dirty suits.

Its not about 8 million londoners moving out of London, its about the other possible choices people and companies have in lower cost cities.

I wonder could Ireland seize and opportunity here?

People reacting a bit too literally here. The guy says in his piece: “I’m not seriously suggesting that people start commuting between London and Barcelona, and I’m not about to start doing it either. I wanted to highlight how property prices in London are not sustainable.”

That’s exactly it.

I wonder how many Irish people cannot afford to live in Dublin?

Let us not forget the many people here who bought in Gorey, Virginia, Longford and Portarlington during the fake boom.

Let us not forget the many people who couldn’t afford to buy in their **provincial hometowns **and had to move further away.

So while it might be understandable that London, New York and Paris are unaffordable I am at a loss to understand why anywhere here is either unaffordable or costs 30+ years salary.

It’s possible for a few different jobs I guess. Quite a number of old colleagues of mine who are long-haul cabin crew for the likes of Virgin and British Airways commute from Barcelona, Valencia, Athens etc to London. Can’t really think of too many other jobs where it would be a particularly practical arrangement though.

1 hour connection from St. Pancras to Calais, 50km from there you could buy this little place for a bit over €600k … 5138B3A085

Yes, but no one in the City want to be taxed in France (unless they have 4 kids). Having said that there are a lot with a place in Paris and London and commuting. The Eurostar is great for that - especially if you have a base close to Gare du Nord.

I did the London / Dublin thing for 6 months. Soul destroying and very tiring. You see the same faces every week on the 6.20 Ryanair to Stanstead. One guy turns up in this bike jacket, no luggage and has a motorbike (D reg) on the far side.

Its a bit of a bullshit argument really, reminds me of the ‘Dust to Dust’ report that claimed that a Hummer was more environmentally friendly than a Prius when you took the full supply chain and end of life disposal into account. There’s probably a worthwhile story in each case but the assumptions and overstatements in each case totally undermine any credibility.

Agreed if you got delayed you wouldn’t make it home at all and end up sleeping in the airport only to head back into work all hot and sweaty the next day. A bit fantastic, but sure isn’t that why that piece got written, so we could talk about it?

Surely the bit where the guy writing the article says that he’s not seriously suggesting it undermines credibility without anyone else having to?

It’s a hypothetical arrangement to show how high London prices are; that’s all.

West Hampstead prices.